MB Pro 1/2 Firmware update

In order to update your MB Pro Series Headset, you will need to download our free program EPOS Connect and follow the instructions below:

  1. Follow this link: https://eposaudio.com - Software Downloads
  2. Download and install the EPOS Connect software.
  3. Once you have installed the program on your computer, you will then need to connect the device via USB to the computer and run the program. To do so, remove the ear pad on the same side of the headset as the microphone boom arm and remove the plastic ring to reveal the micro-USB port located underneath and then use a micro-USB to USB cable to connect it with your PC.

  4. When the MB Pro is connected via the micro-USB port to your PC you can open the program EPOS Connect, you will to see the MB Pro headset on the home page. It will display both the device ID and current firmware version on your device.
  5. Click on the "Update Overview" tab and "Check for Updates", EPOS Connect will now retrieve the latest firmware versions available. Ensure that you have an active connection to the internet, and that no firewall is blocking the internet connection to our servers.
  6. On the "Update Overview" tab, click on the download symbol and the program will download the latest version and upload it to the device.
  7. If you have the accessory Bluetooth dongle BTD 800 USB, follow this additional step.
    Once completing the update of your headset, please disconnect it, connect your dongle, and then repeat the steps as above to also update your dongle.