EPOS delivers premium audio and video solutions for business professionals and gamers


We develop premium solutions that deliver excellent audio and video experiences so individuals and teams can reach their goals and perform better.

EPOS has been established upon the former successful joint venture between audio specialist Sennheiser and the world-leading hearing technology group Demant. Now fully owned by the Demant Group and with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS builds on more than 115 years’ audio expertise and operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 60 countries.


Empowered to Perform

At EPOS, we empower businesses around the world to better communicate and collaborate - anytime, anywhere and on any device. We use the most advanced audio and collaboration technologies to create solutions that are powerful, reliable, and easy to use. Providing the perfect balance of excellent audio and comfort.

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Ultimate Gaming Experience

Audio holds the power to give gaming another dimension. And EPOS gaming peripherals are created to provide that ultimate gaming experience. Immersive sound that cuts out the rest of the world and transports you into a different reality.

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Unleash Your Potential with EPOS

Join a team of industry trailblazers working passionately towards our shared vision: to unleash human potential through the Power of Audio.

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