Audio Designed for Your Brain

For today's professionals working in open offices or in hybrid workplaces, noise and poor audio effects our ability to focus and our efficiency.

If not provided with the most ideal conditions, our brain can suffer from 'listening fatigue'. Over time, this can lead to negative effects such as memory fatigue, concentration loss and stress.

We Hear with Our Ears, but Listen with Our Brain

Sounds that cannot be recognized are perceived as noise and noise stresses our brain, causing it to become tired and unfocused. At EPOS we apply world-leading research on how the brain perceives sound and design our algorithms and acoustics with the specific aim to reduce the cognitive load on the brain, leading to better performance and improved communication.

Solutions Proven to Improve Performance

Scientific research has been a key element in the development of audio solutions built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology and in recent scientific studies conducted by EPOS in the Centre for Applied Audiology Research at Oticon Headquarters in Denmark, researchers concluded the benefits of EPOS noise attenuation technology.

By minimizing the brain effort spent on listening and understanding elements of a conversation we can help users unlock new levels of productivity and performance. Results from these studies prove that by helping our brain, we help our performance.

Unlocking Potential Through Psychoacoustic Research

Based on more than a decade of psychoacoustic research, conducted through our sister company Oticon, we have obtained the knowledge on what fatigues the brain, how to measure the information load on the brain, and have integrated pioneering technologies into our product portfolio.

This results in many benefits, including reduced listening effort, improved mental capacity and memory recall, and the ability to focus longer and achieve more.

Protect Your Brain in the Open Office

Built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ technology the IMPACT 1000 is proven to reduce cogntive load on the brain caused by poor audio.

EPOS Pioneering Technologies

Pioneering technologies such as EPOS adaptive active noise cancellation and EPOS machine learning algorithms are designed and tuned to provide the brain with the best conditions to perform. We achieve that by enhancing the right sounds and reducing disturbances, to help the brain orient easier and focus with less brain effort spent.

The Power of Audio

For the Aston Martin Formula One team, exceptional audio quality is an essential tool. Clear and immersive audio plays a crucial role not only ensuring that critical race information is transmitted accurately but just as important in reducing fatigue. Regardless of whether you are a professional Formula One driver, listening fatigue can impact your ability to perform. This is where solutions built on EPOS BrainAdapt™ come into play, delivering high quality audio and protecting our brain in challenging sound environments.

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EPOS BrainAdapt™ Whitepapers

A selection of research insights, conducted by EPOS in collaboration with researchers from Oticon in the Centre for Applied Audiology Research (CAAR) in Denmark.

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