Performance-boosting updates

Keeping your headsets up to date makes sure that your people get an immersive audio experience.

With EPOS Connect you get all the latest firmware updates and the opportunity to personalize your audio settings – helping you work to the best of your abilities.

EPOS Connect for VDI and thin clients

EPOS Connect for thin clients gives the end user access to the latest audio device firmware updates and personalized audio device settings. For compatible devices and partners, click here.

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Please note that HeadSetup™ Pro (version 3.3.12013 & 3.3.12020) is discontinued and will no longer be supported. Uninstall HeadSetup™ Pro (version 3.3.12013 & 3.3.12020) and install EPOS Connect via the download link.


The latest updates

Get the latest firmware updates to enhance your audio devices and ensure your performance at work

Personalized audio experience

Wherever you work, personalize your device settings to suit your working situation and choose a default softphone and headset

Control calls seamlessly

Connect your headset and softphone for full call control including; answer/end calls, adjust volume and mute

Easy to use

Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get the most from your audio devices


Enable optimal functionality of your audio devices with a free download of EPOS Connect

Download HeadSetup™ for Mac

HeadSetup™ for Mac ensures that your headset interfaces with your softphone and enables call control seamlessly. For compatible softphones, please check the softphone compatibility guide.