The Power of AI in Audio

AI is quickly changing the way we live. We have seen it moving into our daily lives. Take, for example, personal assistants that, by using machine learning and AI, can predict our actions and get smarter by doing so. It is no surprise that we can observe the same developments at work, especially as we become more mobile, versatile, and flexible.

In this webinar, we will

  • Explore the Power of AI in Audio
  • Talk about the new way of working and how technology can empower us to be more efficient and collaborate better
  • Share an introduction to EPOS AI

You will hear from

Jeffery Saunders

Partner, Behavioural Strategy (

Jeffrey specializes in applying futures research methodologies, including the scenario development, and behavioral science to solve challenges for large organizations – public and private. He has extensive knowledge about the future of work and workplace strategy. Jeffrey is sought out public speaker who has presented at Nordic Workplace Evolution Summit, IFMA World Workplace, IFMA World Work Place Europe, MIPIM, Euro-FM, and International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. He has published many articles and reports on corporate real estate, facility management, outsourcing as well as reports on identify formation and organizational culture.

Jesper Kock

VP, Research and Development, EPOS

As Vice President of R&D and part of the senior management team, Jesper is responsible for ensuring technological synergies are leveraged through strategic partnerships and new market and technology trends are addressed accordingly. He is also responsible for keeping the R&D organisation lean and efficient while growing new segments and headcounts. He has been Vice President of R&D for more than six years, and during this time he has achieved a number of successes including globally doubling the capacity of the division in four years and transforming the focus of R&D from hardware to software (over 70% of current new developments are software related.) His 22 years in the audio industry make Jesper one of the leading experts in R&D in the sector.

About Behavioural Strategy

Behavioural Strategy was founded as a management consultancy in Copenhagen in 2014 to help corporations be more valuable to both shareholders and society by using a broader range of research. The company combine behavioral economics with psychology, decision theory, game theory, economics, statistics (lots of statistics), technology and a keen understanding of commercial operations to solve difficult problems. Behavioural Strategy are a hybrid between a service and a technology company offering both traditional consultancy services as well as a suite of automated tools that help us help businesses.

About EPOS

EPOS is an audio and video solution company developing and selling devices for business professionals and the gaming community. Based on leading and advanced technologies, the Danish founded company delivers high-end audio and video solutions with design, technology and performance as paramount parameters. The establishment of EPOS is based on the decision to let the business segments of the joint venture – known as Sennheiser Communications – between Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and Demant A/S evolve in different set-ups. Alongside the

introduction of a new own-branded portfolio, EPOS continues to sell the current Sennheiser Communications portfolio co-branded as EPOS I SENNHEISER.