H3PRO Hybrid - Simultaneous Bluetooth® versatility overview

You can pair your headset with your smart phone for on-the-go use, or while you game at home to stay connected to the outside world. You can take a call or chat with your friends on a 3rd party app on your phone while gaming via the wired connections. With separate volume control over each stream, your conversation will be mixed in with the game audio. ​

​When you use the low-latency dongle to game, you can also pair up with your phone and have dual connections. iOS devices will not mix in calls with the dongle connection. Instead, the headset will route audio to your mobile device, and route it back again to game audio when call ends. ​

​For PC users, insert the dongle or USB cable into the USB port and go into pairing mode by pressing the smart button for 3 seconds to also pair up with your phone. For console users, insert the analog console cable and go into pairing mode in the same way.