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H6PRO Audio Bundle (Open)

H6PRO Audio Bundle (Open)

Open Acoustic Wired Gaming Headset with External Sound Card

List price199.00€

Feel the Game Through The Power of Audio

At EPOS we are passionate about gaming, and we believe that high quality audio completes your gaming experience. Our products – whether it is our Wired or Wireless Headsets, Earbuds, Sound Cards and Amplifiers or Microphones – are all designed with the gamer at heart.

All EPOS products are engineered to provide that ultimate gaming experience whether it is for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC or Multiplatform.

H3PRO Hybrid

Wireless Freedom. No Compromises.

Meet the H3 Series
H3PRO Hybrid

H3PRO Hybrid

Wireless Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

  • H3PRO Hybrid – Sebring
  • H3PRO Hybrid – White
  • H3PRO Hybrid – Green

List price279.00€

Trusted by Champions

Ultimate game audio your way

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H6PRO Closed

H6PRO Closed

Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

  • H6PRO - Closed - Sebring
  • H6PRO - Closed - Green
  • H6PRO - Closed - White

List price179.00€

Immersive audio, anywhere, anytime

Leave the world behind with no compromise audio delivered by the GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds. Its unique shape ensures a secure and comfortable fit for hours of high-end audio playback through Bluetooth® wireless or aptX™ low latency connection with the USB-C dongle. Escape to new worlds while on the go.

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Featured Audio Insights

Powering Esports Performance

At EPOS we engineer products that meet the demands of elite esports athletes. We understand how important clear, rich audio is to players looking to dominate rivals while coordinating with teammates. And we partner with top competitors and esports orgs to constantly innovate and define the potential of audio in competitive gaming.

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EPOS Builds on the Former Joint Venture Sennheiser Communications

EPOS is not a new industry player – until 2020 we were known as Sennheiser Communications, a company established in 2003 as a joint venture between audio specialist Sennheiser and the world-leading hearing healthcare group, Demant.

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