Device management for maximum productivity

Stay in control of all your audio and video devices across locations. Analyze the use of your equipment and get insights into how you can work smarter.

With EPOS Manager you get a complementary management tool that enables you to update on your terms, outside of working hours, to ensure maximum productivity.

Support for All Main Operating Systems

EPOS Manager supports Windows, MacOS and Linux through our cooperation with device management partners.

Device Management Partners

Manage and update devices from anywhere

Remotely deploy and configure audio and video devices and get the latest firmware updates across locations to minimize downtime

Gain analysis and insight

Extract reports on device mix and headset usage to gain insights into the way your company works and how it can be improved

Complimentary with EPOS audio solutions

Choose between on premises or cloud-based freeware with unlimited software updates

Boost employee productivity

With user access to EPOS Connect that enhances call control through seamless connection of audio devices and softphones

Ensure high security and compatibility

Encrypted communication, no sensitive data storage and reliable compatibility with major operating systems and UC standards

Customer Case: OKQ8

OKQ8 Scandinavia is one of Scandinavia’s largest fuel companies with 5,000 employees and more than 1,000 service stations in Denmark and Sweden. With EPOS Manager, OKQ8 Scandinavia has a unique overview of the company’s 1,500 headsets and speakerphones, so quick and seamless support can be provided to all employees.

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UC Management Partners

EPOS cooperates with UC management partners to simplify the device management of your audio and video devices.

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