Active Noise Cancellation Headsets From EPOS - Why Use Them?

The benefits of today’s open offices are multiple. They encourage a more collaborative working environment where dynamic teamwork can flourish. A quick question to a colleague across the room and an issue can be resolved there and then.

However, while excellent for collaboration, the open office presents challenges when you need to focus as noise levels range from between 60–65 dB(A)*. Furthermore, flying for work can be particularly draining, with passengers often subjected to noise levels between 60–85 dB(A)**.

ANC is the solution

The constant buzz of conversation in the open office can be at best annoying and at worst stressful if your work requires concentration. Noise reducing office products such as headsets with active noise cancellation offer an effective solution to this situation, enabling users to tune out of the open office and into their individual world of work.

Boost productivity with EPOS ANC headsets

EPOS ANC headsets in the ADAPT Line reduce background noise so that you can focus when and where you need to, boosting your productivity and helping you perform to the best of your ability.

* Source: ”Noise Pollution and Acoustics in the Office” – Steelcase,
** Study: “In-cabin noise levels during commercial aircraft flights” H Kurtulus Ozcan, Semih Nemlioglu, 2006
Passive or Active?

Passive noise cancellation, or noise isolation, is the most fundamental way of protecting ears from ambient noise. Any headset offers some degree of passive noise cancellation because the headset itself physically blocks sound. The best passive noise-cancelling headsets, also called hearing protectors, offer great noise cancellation but are bulky and very uncomfortable to wear. To offer the comfort and versatility required for an office worker using their headset for concentration and calls, the design can’t provide the same passive damping as a hearing protector. Furthermore, these more comfortable, versatile passive noise-cancelling headsets, only offer noise cancellation at high frequencies above 800Hz. Here is where active noise-cancelling headsets offer multiple benefits. The active system complements the passive system by offering noise cancellation at low frequencies (20–800 Hz) with no added physical discomfort. Furthermore, the active system can be set in different modes (on/off/adaptive) to give the best user experience in a given situation – namely the ability to concentrate better in a changing open office environment.

The Active Advantage

Active noise-cancelling (ANC) headsets provide all the benefits of passive noise-
cancelling headsets but add an extra level of noise reduction by effectively removing lower frequency sound waves.

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