Join our webinar "Optimize Your EPOS Devices Seamlessly via Thin Clients using eLux RP®"

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • How EPOS and Unicon are addressing the evolving communication trends in the virtualized workspace.
  • How to leverage EPOS and Unicon solutions to empower your workforce with the communication endpoints in the virtualized workspaces.
  • See the full webinar below.

You will hear from

Eric Schreyer

Requirements Manager & Marketing, Unicon Software

Eric Schreyer has worked together with Unicon from 2013 to 2019 as a contractor and Senior Consultant. Since June 2019, he has been employed as Requirements Manager at Unicon and is also responsible for all marketing related activities.

Abdul Khaled

Head of Digital Solutions, Product Management & Business Development at EPOS
Khaled has been engaged with Sennheiser Communications for more than 12 years in various roles ranging from engineering to product management. Currently he is leading the Digital Solutions, Product Management and Software Business Development team which is responsible for building the digital experiences ecosystem for the headsets.