Customer Case: Toppan Travel Service Corp.

Toppan Travel Service Corp. is a provider of corporate travel services based in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in tailormade domestic and overseas travel services. In addition, Toppan Travel organizes meetings, incentive trips, conferences, and exhibitions. With more than 160 employees spending most of their time on calls with customers and travelling in-between different office locations, the company is looking for a reliable yet flexible headset solution.

The Challenge

Toppan Travel is challenged by a busy open office environment and high surrounding noise levels. Not having a good quality headset has resulted in speech intelligibility on the customer’s end of the call. Moreover, Toppan Travel employees often travel between the company’s four different office locations and need to take their headsets with them. However, comfort and durability of the headsets have long been a paint point.

The Solution

Given the multitude of needs, EPOS recommended premium headsets from the IMPACT Line to accommodate what Toppan Travel was looking for. In particular, the IMPACT MB Pro 1 UC ML—a UC optimized, Skype for Business Certified, wireless Bluetooth®, single-sided headset with a charging stand and USB dongle—solves Toppan Travel’s challenges best due to its wireless nature for multitasking at the office and on-the-go.


List priceMSRP 279.00$

Natural and comfortable listening

Room Experience™ technology creates a more realistic sound and increased call comfort

Premium high-definition audio quality

With high-quality neodymium speaker

Enjoy multimedia and music

With automatic sound-enhancement profile

Exceptional wearing comfort

Soft leatherette ear pad for all-day comfort

Protect your hearing

From acoustic shock with EPOS ActiveGard® technology

Toppan Travel continues to be happy with their choice of wireless headsets from EPOS. The superior audio quality is what enables Toppan Travel’s employees to provide an unparalleled service to customers on a daily basis—one of the most important factors for the company. From now on, fluid and clear communication between contact center agents and customers is a given after the implementation of EPOS’ premium audio solution.