Customer Case: OKQ8

OKQ8 Scandinavia is one of Scandinavia’s largest fuel companies with 5,000 employees and more than 1,000 service stations in Denmark and Sweden. With EPOS Manager, OKQ8 Scandinavia has a unique overview of the company’s 1,500 headsets and speakerphones, so quick and seamless support can be provided to all employees.

With EPOS Manager
software one IT Supporter
can send a new update or
configuration to all users
with a single click”

The Challenge

OKQ8 Scandinavia wished to manage, configure and update the company’s headsets and speakerphones from one central service desk. OKQ8 Scandinavia also wanted to provide rapid support to all 1,150 end-users including office employees, customer center employees, sales staff, home workers and staff at the
service stations.

The Solution

OKQ8 Scandinavia chose EPOS Manager because the software enables the company’s IT administrator to provide fast and straightforward remote support from one central service desk to users scattered around Denmark and Sweden. The software also ensures premium sound for phone calls and online meetings.

The software had to meet a range of criteria,

– Providing quick and straightforward support to 1,150 employees in Denmark and Sweden.
– Providing a complete overview of OKQ8’s 1,500 audio devices in Denmark and Sweden.
– The ability to configure and update all headsets and speakerphones from one central service desk.

Following a three-month trial, OKQ8 Scandinavia installed EPOS Manager on all headset users’ PC in Denmark and Sweden. We helped with the implementation which went so quickly and professionally that it was installed and ready for use in a single day.

OKQ8 Scandinavia uses a wide range of our audio devices, including wireless DECT headsets from our IMPACT DW Series and IMPACT 5000 Series, speakerphones from our EXPAND line as well as ADAPT MB 660 wireless Bluetooth® headsets with built-in adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

“There’s been a notable rise in the use of headsets in recent years, and we use them in the administration, in the customer service centers and at our service stations,” explains Gurdip Singh, IT Coordinator at OKQ8 Scandinavia. “Our employees need to be increasingly mobile and able to work from different locations, while still staying in touch with colleagues and customers. So, it’s important that we have high quality headsets and speakerphones with the newest updates.”

After three years with EPOS Manager, OKQ8 Scandinavia can point to several specific benefits for both the company and the employees.

“It gives our employees peace of mind because they can quickly get help so their headsets and speakerphones work optimally and they don’t experience unnecessary interruptions during working hours,” says Gurdip Singh. “But the software is just as important because it gives us a unique overview of our audio devices and saves a lot of work that would otherwise have to be done manually. With EPOS‘ software, one IT supporter
can send a new update or configuration to all users with a single click.”

The software
With EPOS Manager companies can put an end to time-consuming manual headset updates and lengthy reporting, with a simple, secure and flexible tool that can be used anywhere. Companies save hours of valuable work time and free IT resources by managing the resources effectively, improving productivity while minimizing downtime and workflow disruption.

Key benefits
& features

– Simplicity – Manage, update and configure your Sennheiser audio devices from one location

– Easy mass deployment – Smooth roll out of new
EPOS headsets and speakerphones on more locations

– Inventory control – Full visibility of your headset
and speakerphone inventory including non-Sennheiser devices

– Report function – Extract reports on device mix, headset usage and gain insight into your company’s UC environment

– Save time – Push new updates and settings to an unlimited number of headset users across your organization

– Control settings – Centrally push configurations or lock specific settings on all or selected devices to comply with company policies and regulatory compliance settings

– High security – All communication to the EPOS Manager is encrypted and GDPR compliant

– Responsive web design – Access the tool from any device (optimized for PC, laptop and tablet)