Customer Case: Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG

Eintracht Frankfurt e.V. has been home to champion professional athletes since 1899. Eintracht Frankfurt is perhaps best known for their men’s and women’s football clubs, which compete in the top tier German Bundesliga and Europe League.

The Challenge

In 2021, Eintracht opened their ProfiCamp offices not far from the Deutsche Bank Park. As employees prepared to move into a new open-plan office, the IT team was tasked to find headset solutions that would work for 280 employees across 18 departments, all with varying needs and ways of working.

The Solution

The Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG chose a mixed package, allowing them to allocate the right headsets and audio devices to meet each particular staff member’s needs. With EPOS Manager the Eintracht IT team could control and update all headsets remotely, ensuring quality, consistency and security.

“The ‘aha experience’ was hearing the sound quality ourselves. But EPOS products are also easy to use and the different products fit the unique needs of every college, which is a priority to us. As they say, happy players, happy team.”

Alexander Schur, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG, Sales & Marketing

These EPOS headsets are used in the Eintracht Frankfurt Office

  • ADAPT 360

    ADAPT 360

    Over-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

    List priceMSRP 269.00$

  • ADAPT 560

    ADAPT 560

    On-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

    List priceMSRP 285.00$

  • ADAPT 660

    ADAPT 660

    Over-Ear Bluetooth® Headset

    List priceMSRP 485.00$

  • IMPACT SDW 5066 - EU

    IMPACT SDW 5066 - EU

    Double Sided DECT syst. USB Phone Dongle

    List priceMSRP 439.00$