Software Update Available for the New H3PRO Hybrid Dongle - Firmware 1.1.233

EPOS is pleased to announce that a software update, version 1.1.233, has been released for the newest edition of the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid dongle, Gaming Dongle USB-A, improving the overall performance.

If you have acquired the H3PRO Hybrid after June 2022, you might be in possession of the new Gaming Dongle USB-A. To check if your dongle qualifies for an update, use the step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-Step guide:

  • Open the EPOS Gaming Suite and make sure you are running the latest version of the software
  • Connect your Gaming Dongle USB-A to your PC and wait for it to be recognized by the EPOS Gaming Suite
  • In the “Settings” tab of the EPOS Gaming Suite, make sure your H3PRO Hybrid Wireless Gaming Headset is connected to the dongle. If not, connect the dongle to your headset by clicking on “CONNECT” and following the instructions from the EPOS Gaming Suite.
  • Under the “Settings” tab in the EPOS Gaming Suite, click on “UPDATE AVAILABLE” next to “Firmware Version: 1.1.233”
  • A step-by-step guide will give you clear instructions on the next steps to finalize the update process

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