Legendary Collab by DROP + EPOS Brings Iconic PC38X Gaming Headset to Gamers Across Europe

The iconic PC38X gaming headset has set the bar for incredible, hyper-realistic audio

Copenhagen, Denmark – April 25th, 2023: Fan-favourite headset, the PC38X from Drop + EPOS, is now launching across Europe due to popular demand.

Initially released in the US in 2020, EPOS has combined its deep audio engineering expertise with the Drop community's game-changing insights to co-create an upgraded version of the crowd-favourite PC37X, the PC38X.

A level up in comfort, build quality and sonic performance, the PC38X is already highly praised among experts and boasts an open acoustic build, delivering incredibly lifelike audio that pulls you deep into faraway worlds.

The must-have headset for any epic gaming marathon, the PC38X includes key features such as a noise-cancelling microphone for acoustic clarity and crystal-clear communication, multi-platform capability and ventilated ear cups that will keep your head cool, even as the battle heats up.

The headset's feather-light, adjustable design features a set of exchangeable earpads (knit mesh and velour) and a cushioned headband for maximum comfort.

The built-in volume control enables sound adjustment on the fly with an ergonomic volume wheel on the right ear cup, so there's no need to pull your focus away, even for a single moment.

The angled drivers and open-back design offer better stereo imaging and locational accuracy, allowing you to identify enemy movement, bullets and incoming threats exactly where they’re coming from. These features provide better low-end extension than the original PC37X, so your games feel more lifelike than ever before.

Thanks to its robust mechanics and highly durable materials, the PC38X is built to last and can survive any stunning win or devastating defeat.

The PC38X will be available in yellow or black on Amazon, as well as eposaudio.com at a retail price of $/€ 169 USD/EUR.

For Yellow version:

For Black version:


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Drop + EPOS PC38X

Drop + EPOS PC38X

Drop + EPOS PC38X

Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

List price169.00€