EPOS teams with Dell Technologies to empower collaboration through flawless communication

The premium audio brand, EPOS – part of the Demant Group, today announces that it will add yet another key operating system to its repertoire, as the audio brand teams up with Dell Technologies, one of the leading international companies for digital transformation.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Jan. 8, 2021: Working remotely is becoming more relevant than ever before, and more professionals use desktops in their day-to-day work via cloud-based services. The future of thin clients in the modern workplace is therefore set to increase. Being highly secure and manageable due to their ability to streamline hardware and run specific programs for specific tasks, thin clients are often used by larger organizations in various sectors dealing with sensitive data. To keep up with demands, and ensure optimal communication and collaboration among professionals, the audio brand EPOS announces its new collaboration with Dell Technologies, one of the leading international companies for digital transformation, providing digital technology solutions, products and services to drive business success.

Businesses leveraging Linux-based thin clients via the Dell Wyse ThinOS operating system will now have the opportunity to integrate EPOS Device Management into its operating system to ensure seamless optimization and management of their EPOS audio devices. The EPOS Device Management consists of two interconnected audio device management solutions for thin clients – EPOS Connect and EPOS Manager – that are both now compatible with VDI solutions and enabling IT managers to optimize and update an organization’s audio devices from a central position.

A dedicated version of the client application EPOS Connect has been integrated into the Dell operating system, and once enabled via Wyse Management Suite (WMS), IT managers can download and install EPOS Manager – a free cloud-based IT management tool that allows full audio device management, configuration management and firmware updates across an entire organization from a central position, thus ensuring full control.

EPOS Device Management

EPOS Connect is the client application that can be installed or integrated into the thin client. It ensures EPOS headsets and speakerphones work seamlessly with softphones and gives employees access to the latest firmware updates and personalized settings. With EPOS Connect installed at the endpoints of a VDI environment, EPOS audio devices can be managed with EPOS Manager via an intuitive user interface.

EPOS Manager is a free cloud-based IT management solution that enables IT managers to manage, update and configure settings for EPOS headsets and speakerphones connected to thin clients within an organization from any location. With EPOS Manager, IT managers can optimize business across locations with secure, analytical audio device management freeware. It ensures implementation of the latest firmware updates on the IT manager’s terms, boost company performance and minimize the possibility of any downtime.