EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone is PlayStation®5 Compatible after New Firmware Update

EPOS are pleased to announce that the B20 Streaming Microphone is now fully compatible with PlayStation®5. The latest firmware version 1.0.6. is available in the EPOS Gaming Suite, and also includes several changes and bug fixes.

New Features

The EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone is now compatible with PlayStation®5.

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Improved settings related to microphone attenuation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the B20 to power off while connect to PlayStation®5.
  • Adjusted the resolution of the Gain dial.
  • Matched Gain settings on the device with settings on the PC.

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Connect the EPOS B20 Streaming Microphone and wait for it to be recognized by the EPOS Gaming Suite. (Output device needs to be set correctly in Windows Settings, this happens automatically, but should be double-checked).
  • Open the EPOS Gaming Suite - you should be able to see the B20 detected.
  • If your device has a new update, you should be able to see a button stating: “Update Available”
  • Click on “Update Available”.
  • A step-by-step guide will give you clear instructions on next steps to finalize the update process.
B20 Streaming Microphone

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