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Jouez. Soyez payé.

Vous pouvez être payé pour jouer à votre jeu préféré ou le diffuser en streaming – vraiment.

Il vous suffit de trouver un espace pour nos bannières ou liens d’affiliation sur votre chaîne de streaming personnelle telle que YouTube ou Twitch. Ensuite, pour chaque casque de jeu ou produit EPOS vendu via le lien, vous obtenez une commission.

What is the EPOS Gaming Affiliate Program?

The EPOS gaming affiliate program is a way for you to earn money by finding a space on your personal channel for banner and links linked to the EPOS web shop. For every EPOS gaming product sold through these banners and links, you earn a commission.

*The EPOS Webshop is currently available in the following countries: Canada, Denmark and Switzerland.

What’s so special about the EPOS Gaming Affiliate Program?

The EPOS Gaming Affiliate Program lets you earn commission on everything available in the EPOS web shop – and give exclusive deals, offers and specials for your fans and followers.

Make the first step

Click the Join Now button and fill in the application form to sign up for the EPOS Gaming Affiliate Program. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Who can be an Affiliate?

To qualify for the EPOS Gaming Affiliate Program, you need to be a streamer, a YouTuber, or part of the online gaming scene. It’s not all about reach – the quality of your content, matters too.

How much can I earn?

The sky’s the limit. The commission is 6% on net sales for each and every EPOS product sold in the EPOS web shop from your unique link.

How is the commission paid?

Commission is based on monthly net sales and paid through our partner Pepperjam 90 days after the month in which the products were sold.

How do I keep track of my sales and commissions?

The Impact Radius interface lets you access daily reports providing all the information you need.

For more information, or if you have any further questions, drop us a line at