EPOS Group A/S Australia Warranty

When you purchase a EPOS Group A/S or EPOS Group A/S distributed product (E.g. EPOS), you have the peace of mind in knowing that your product is covered by EPOS Group A/S two year (2 year) International Warranty. Aviation Products Carry: - 2, 3 or 5 years depending on product model. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused product(s) by the first end-user. The EPOS Group A/S International warranty is provided by EPOS Group A/S, Suite, 4 level 4 building/B, 11 Talavera Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113


1.1 The benefits given to you in EPOS Group A/S warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies you have under a law in relation to the products to which EPOS Group A/S warranty relates.

1.2 EPOS Group A/S products come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

1.3 Subject to the Terms of this product warranty, EPOS Group A/S may agree to replace at EPOS Group A/S cost, product(s) purchased by an end user in Australia from a EPOS Group A/S authorised dealer, only when, the product does not perform in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications during the warranty term specified on the product packaging or in the user manual.

1.4 In respect of a major failure of the product, amongst other remedies available to you, you may be entitled to either a replacement or refund. You may also be entitled to have the goods replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable or merchantable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

1.5 Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim, the end user should return the goods to the original place of purchase and the warranty claim will be handled by the dealer/retailer.

If this is not possible, the end user alternatively can contact EPOS Group A/S ANZ directly, where we will deal with the claim.

To claim under warranty, end users must produce a valid proof of purchase, whether or not there is a major problem with the product or service. Failure to supply a valid proof of purchase may result in denial of the warranty claim.

The following are acceptable as Proof of Purchase:

  • Authorised dealers Purchase Receipt (Tax Invoice).
  • Credit / Bank card statement (but must show model number of product and date of purchase) Note that the following types of documents, printed or electronic, are not considered valid receipts and therefore cannot be used to determine eligibility for warranty:
  • PayPal and/or eBay (or any other auction site) confirmations.
  • Bills of landing, Bills of material or any other type of shipping detail document.

1.6 Shipping

The end user is responsible for all shipping/handling charges related to returning the product to EPOS Group A/S ANZ or an authorised repair facility. Products must be shipped in their original packaging or otherwise suitably protected to avoid damage during shipping. EPOS Group A/S ANZ will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred during shipment.

EPOS Group A/S ANZ will ship the product back to the customer after repair/replacement at no expense to the customer via road express through contract couriers. Faster shipping options may also be available at additional cost to the customer. Contact EPOS Group A/S ANZ for details and pricing.

1.7 Limitation on Liability

EPOS Group A/S shall not be liable for damages to other property caused by defects from EPOS Group A/S products, damages based upon inconvenience, loss of use of the product, loss of time or data, commercial loss or any other damages, whether real, incidental or consequential.

1.8 Tips on safe purchasing

  • EPOS Group A/S ANZ will honour all warranty claims for genuine EPOS Group A/S product that is within the warranty period (usually two years) and is still owned by the original purchaser (see above for documentation needed to make a warranty claim).
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase only from authorised dealers, which ensures you will receive a genuine product and receive high levels of sales support.
  • Buy safely from Amazon and eBay. While Amazon themselves are an authorised online dealer for EPOS Group A/S, many resellers who sell through Amazon are not. When purchasing, it is important to note where the product is being "shipped from and sold by," which is stated clearly in the header for each product on Amazon. Similarly many resellers on eBay selling EPOS Group A/S products are not authorised dealers, but instead, are individuals or traders who do not provide the level of sales support that is expected by authorised dealers.
  • If you purchase from an unauthorised reseller you risk the possibility of receiving low-quality counterfeit products, with little hope of obtaining warranty support in the event that the product develops a fault.
  • If In Doubt Ask. If you are in any doubt about the retailer you are considering purchasing from, contact EPOS Group A/S ANZ for advice before you purchase.

1.9 Warranty Exclusions

  • minor faults or deviations in the quality of a product which do not affect the product's value or fitness for its intended purpose;
  • faults due to general wear and tear due to usage;
  • damage or wear & tear which is caused by excessive use, such as the commercial use of domestic equipment;
  • faults due to force majeure;
  • any accessories supplied with the product;
  • rechargeable and disposable batteries (these products have a shorter service life, the length of which also depends on the frequency of use);
  • faults resulting from improper use (e.g. operating errors, mechanical damage, incorrect operating voltage). Proper use for the purposes of this warranty is defined as use of the product under the conditions stated in the instructions for use;
  • any modification of product(s) effected by you or a third party
  • any serialised product on which the serial number has been defaced, modified or removed;
  • faults of which the purchaser was already aware at the time of purchase;
  • defects involving subjective personal likes or judgements;
  • software incompatibility or error;
  • faults or problems caused by software loading;
  • overdriving of speakers;
  • products purchased at auction, online E-tailer, or from an unauthorised dealer.