EXPAND Capture 5 FAQ

Is the EXPAND Capture 5 compatible with the EXPAND Vision 3T Teams on Android video collaboration bar?

Unfortunately, not! The EXPAND Capture 5 is exclusively designed for Teams Rooms systems on Windows OS which supports the cloud-based Cortana Service, Voice Signature and Speech Service.

Is EXPAND Capture 5 compatible with other Windows-based Teams Rooms systems than the Lenovo ThinkSmart HUB gen2?

Yes! In general, EXPAND Capture 5 is compatible with all Teams Rooms Certified systems running on Windows and supporting the cloud-based transcription features.

Are there other video meeting room solution providers which are offering transcription services like Microsoft do?

Yes! A range of video meeting vendors like Zoom and Google Meet are offering transcription services too. Microsoft is currently the most advanced offering. EXPAND Capture 5 is not compatible with these solutions, however

Can I use the EXPAND Capture 5 in other video meeting room applications without the advanced transcription features?

No! We suggest offering alternative EPOS Speakerphone Solutions like the EXPAND SP 30 or EXPAND 80.