Setting up the Speakerphone

Setting up the Speakerphone

The speakerphone can be connected via:

A: USB cable

B: Bluetooth through NFC™

C: Bluetooth®

D: Bluetooth® through EPOS dongle (included in EXPAND 40 +)

A: Connecting via USB cable

X Release the USB plug from the holder and unwind the cable.

X Connect the USB connector directly to a USB-C port or to a USB-A port using the included adapter.

The speakerphone turns on automatically. The LED lights up white.

The Speakerphone will be charged while connected (device dependent)

Overview: Pairing the Speakerphone with wireless Bluetooth® devices

The transmitted radio waves of mobile phones can impair the operation of sensitive and unprotected devices.

Only make calls with the speakerphone in locations where wireless Bluetooth transmission is permitted.

The speakerphone complies with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. In order to transmit data wirelessly, you have to pair your speakerphone with Bluetooth devices that support “hands-free profile” (HFP), “headset profile” (HSP) or “advanced audio distribution profile” (A2DP).

The speakerphone can be paired to:

  • a mobile device: via NFC™ (B, see page 8) or via Bluetooth (C, see page 9) or
  • the BTD 800 USB-C dongle: via Bluetooth (D, see page 10).

The speakerphone can be set to personal or shared mode (see page 22). The default setting is personal mode. In this mode, the list of paired devices is maintained so they reconnect automatically.

Default functionality (personal mode):

The speakerphone can save up to eight paired Bluetooth devices. If you pair the speakerphone with a ninth Bluetooth device, the saved connection profile of the least recently used device will be overwritten. If you want to

re-establish a connection with this device, you have to pair the speakerphone again.

The Speakerphone can be wirelessly connected to two devices at the same time.

You can only connect another device by disconnecting one of the already connected devices.

The speakerphone can be used wirelessly with a computer. You can use:

  • the computer’s built in Bluetooth functionality or
  • the BTD 800 USB-C dongle (supplied with EXPAND 40 +).