Microsoft Teams

  1. Q: How to pass the ownership to someone else?

A: The user needs to sign out of the current account and login with another account to take ownership of the Device

  1. Q: How to factory reset the device?

A: User needs to go to Teams Settings, then under Admin Settings navigate to device settings and choose factory reset option

  1. Q: Where can I find tilt and zoom?

A: User needs to go to Teams Settings under Camera Controls for tilt and zoom options

  1. Q: How to screen share from Windows 10?

A: Through Miracast you can share your content, while if you are in a call you will need to join as a participant and start screensharing

  1. Q: What is the default password in admin settings on Microsoft Teams?

A: 0000


  1. Q: Can I use an external microphone or speakerphone on Expand Vision 3T (Raven)?


  1. User can go to Teams Settings, navigate to Bluetooth and connect any device there
  2. The preferred option is to connect by wire to an external SP30T which comes bundled and certified by Microsoft together with Expand Vision 3T. The connection then is established automatically.
  3. However, if external device is disconnected, the microphone and speaker default back to Expand Vision 3T

  1. Q: What do the colors on the ring mean?


  1. Blue - on standby and ready to be used
  2. Red - no internet connection or in the sleep mode

  1. Q: Can I add a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to my Expand Vision 3T (Raven)?

A: Users can go to Teams Settings, navigate to Bluetooth and connect any device there. Or they can use the type A port on the back of the device to connect a USB mouse or keyboard

  1. Q: With what kind of TVs is Expand Vision 3T (Raven) compatible with?

A: Hello device is compatible with any TV or Monitor that supports HDMI Port

  1. Q: Does Expand Vision 3T (Raven) run on PoE (power over the ethernet)?

A: Raven does not run on PoE.

  1. Q: Can I use Expand Vision 3T (Raven) as a simple web cam?

A: It is a standalone smart device and as such it will run on Microsoft Teams only.

Teams Device Manager

  1. Q: How do I lock my device so no one has access to it?

A: The device cannot be locked just yet, Teams is working on a feature however you can lock specific Teams settings via a PIN. The PIN can be setup in Teams Device Management

  1. Q: How to view or setup Configuration profiles for one or a group of devices?

A: Navigate to Devices, click on Collaboration bars, and then click on Configuration profiles

  1. Q: What is the Microsoft Teams official naming convention when a device is “online”?

A: Non-Urgent