EPOS ADAPT 460 - Pairing - How to pair ADAPT 460

Pairing the headset with Bluetooth devices

The headset complies with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Bluetooth devices need to support the “Hands-Free Profile” (HFP), the “Headset Profile” (HSP), “Audio Video Remote Control Profile” (AVRCP) or the “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile” (A2DP).

To transmit data via Bluetooth, you first have to pair your headset to a wireless device. The delivered dongle is already paired with the headset.

The headset can save up to eight paired devices. If you pair the headset with a ninth device, the device with the oldest activity will be overwritten. If you want to re-establish a connection with this device, you have to pair it again.

The headset can be connected to two of the paired devices at the same time. You can only connect another device by disconnecting one of the already connected devices.

Pairing the headset via Bluetooth with a computer/the dongle

To connect the headset wirelessly with a computer, you can use:

  • the computer’s built in Bluetooth functionality (see instruction manual of your computer + step one on the next page) or
  • the BTD 800 USB dongle.
  • The dongle and the headset are already paired.
  • Turn the headset on.
  • Plug the dongle into the USB port of your computer.
  • The dongle LED flashes blue while searching and switches to dimmed blue when connected successfully.

To manually pair the headset and the dongle, activate the pairing mode for both:

  • Press and hold the headset’s Power button and the dongle’s button until the LEDs alternately flashes blue and red.
  • Once the dongle and the headset are connected, the dongle lights up dimmed blue.

Pairing the headset via Bluetooth with a mobile device

1. Press and hold the Power button until the LED flashes blue and red. The headset is in pairing mode.

2. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device and start the search for Bluetooth devices (see instruction manual of your mobile device).

3, Select “EPOS ADAPT 460” / “EPOS ADAPT 460T” to establish a Bluetooth connection to the headset. If necessary, enter the default PIN code “0000”.

4. The LED flashes 2 times blue as soon as the headset finds a device to connect to. The LED turns off. The voice prompt “Phone one/two connected” is announced in the headset

To cancel pairing:

Press the Power button. The LED lights up blue shortly.