Meet Nadia Burchard Grøtner



Nadia Burchard Grøtner


Product Manager


MSc, Supply Chain Management (SCM)



What I Do

As Product Manager, my main role is to help create and develop concepts that can be turned into gaming products. As a Product Manager you need to understand and balance consumer needs, gaming trends and the technology available while adding creativity and a bit of daring to the mix. I work closely with colleagues with many different competences.

What Drives Me

I love that I am helping to create products that increase the gaming experience for our consumers. I get to see the visions I have for each product become more tangible day by day. My team also motivates me a lot. We help each other, and I know I can always come to them for input, advice, or a helping hand.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

I love being part of a company that sets high standards. Everything we do, we do with passion. You are surrounded by dedicated and highly skilled people, which I find inspiring. I think there is a great culture here that has the right balance between the professional and the social aspects. We really work hard to live up to our own and our customers’ expectations of what premium products should bring to the audio and gaming experience.

Fun Fact

I am a gamer at heart. Every Thursday evening is spent in front of my PlayStation with my Rainbow Six Siege team, “B&B”, to climb the ranks. We get DDosed and we fight smurfs on m/k. The road towards diamond is therefore hard and challenging, but educational and fun at the same time – much like working at EPOS. I just always knew the many hours I’ve spent in front of my PS would be great for my career one day.

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