Meet Mo Abbasi



Mo Abbasi


Embedded Software Engineer


MSc, Computer Engineering, Architecture of Computer Systems


R&D, Embedded Software Development

What I Do

As an Embedded Software Engineer at EPOS, I design and develop innovative software for pioneering devices like our headphones, that set new standards in audio excellence.

What Drives Me

Every day at EPOS brings exciting new challenges. Every challenge is a chance to push the limits in my field of expertise. I have always been fascinated by electronic devices. To me, converting sound into a string of ones and zeros and transferring it through the air using the newest wireless technologies is even more exciting than bungee jumping!

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

I work with a great team of highly skilled and ambitious colleagues. We work with leading edge technology to develop premium quality products that push the limits of modern audio solutions. I feel like I learn and develop professionally every day in a friendly and supportive work culture.

Fun Fact

I love speed and competition, and I frequently take part in international sailing competitions. I also like go-karting. In both sports you control a sophisticated device and have to make split-second decisions in critical situations. I’ve also recently built and installed an electronic fuel injection system for my car.

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