Meet Andy Dylag


Andy Dylag

Corporate Sales Manager


Sales, Enterprise Solutions

What I Do

I look after EPOS end users in the Midlands and South of England, making sure that businesses and organizations have EPOS solutions to solve their challenges and ensure clear communications with stakeholders.

What Drives Me

I am motivated by helping customers to achieve their goals with technology. Our products and technology are a huge part of allowing them to make a difference in their working lives.

What Makes EPOS a Great Workplace

EPOS is a global company and I enjoy collaborating with colleagues across the wider business on end user projects, making sure that we are putting the best possible solution in place. We innovate with our products and internal processes to ensure that the end user has a premium experience with EPOS. EPOS is still a young company, and I am enjoying the journey of growth for both myself and the wider business.

Fun Fact

In my spare time, I love to ride motorbikes and mountain bikes, especially travelling to new places on both. Wheelies at the weekend are the greatest escape from adult life!

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