Mobile DECT Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Introducing the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (DECT) standards, this whitepaper describes the DECT technology that EPOS builds into their mobile DECT solution, the SDW D1 USB dongle. Focusing on pioneering audio technology and refining its DECT audio solutions, EPOS has been able to provide a new level of DECT security with its IMPACT 5000 Series premium wireless DECT headsets and a flexible, dynamic DECT dongle – the SDW D1 USB.

Maintaining Secure Communication in and out of the Office

The hybrid workplace is no longer in the distant future but a fact of our working life today. Securing data and communication and ensuring that no one can listen in on your business calls is of utmost importance and using communication products that receive the DECT certification of conformity provides that peace of mind.

To unleash the potential of the hybrid workplace and empower the remote business professional, EPOS is delighted to announce their DECT certified IMPACT 5000 Series headsets and SDW D1 USB dongle, an extremely secure portable solution for today’s mobile workforce.

The DECT security chain consists of the secure pairing of devices; per call authentication and the encryption of the call. This whitepaper goes in depth into each portion of the chain and describes how EPOS not only meets the standards, but how they exceed them with the technology built into the IMPACT 5000 Series headsets and the SDW D1 USB dongle

DECT vs Bluetooth?

DECT and Bluetooth are the two main wireless protocols used to connect headsets to other communications devices. While they are often used for similar purposes, Bluetooth and DECT do differ across a number of parameters.

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