Turn the world on or off with an ANC headset that blocks noise and helps you concentrate wherever you work

The world of work can be a noisy place. Whether escaping chatterbox colleagues in open offices or trying to focus while working from home – sometimes to tune in you have to tune out. That’s where a high-quality headset that blocks out noise through Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) makes it easier to concentrate in any environment. The benefits are multiple, not only for your hearing and wellbeing, but also when it comes to staying productive whatever your sound environment.

In the office and on-the-go – noise prevents work

The collaborative environment of the open office can be hugely beneficial when you want to brainstorm together – not so much when you just want to concentrate alone and get things done. We all know the feeling of having to work your way through a list of personal work tasks and the annoyance of constant interruptions which prevent us from getting to the bottom of that list. Noise levels in open offices range from between 60–65 dB(A)* and sometimes, however much you try, there is simply no way of focusing without a little peace and quiet.

Tune into your unique working style

Choosing a headset that can block out surrounding noise helps you approach tasks in your own unique way. All of a sudden you are able to hear your own thoughts and not be distracted by the world around you. By blocking out noise you can tune into yourself and this helps carve out your own individual working style where you are at your most effective – a way of working that no-one else is capable of.

* Source: “Noise Pollution and Acoustics in the Office” – Steelcase, www.steelcase.com



Headsets boost productivity just by wearing them

Giving yourself the best working conditions helps you achieve your true potential. If you’re working in and out of the office, then you’ll know that headsets help your focus. Maybe you have a favorite type of music that helps you concentrate while you work. Or perhaps it’s the outward sign to people that you are otherwise occupied; while wearing your headset, that chatty colleague knows that you don’t want to be disturbed. Of course, any headset offers a degree of passive noise cancellation – just the act of wearing it alone blocks out surrounding noise. However, it’s the advanced ANC technologies that really put you in full control of your sound environment.


Your number one work mate

Once you’ve tried a quality ANC headset, you’ll find they’re pretty indispensable when it comes to focused work – simply because you can switch the world around you on and off. Passive noise-cancelling headsets only offer noise cancellation at high frequencies above 800Hz**. ANC headsets add to this by offering noise cancellation at low frequencies (20–800 Hz) with no added physical discomfort and can be adjusted to best suit your environment**.

**“Take Control of Your Sound Environment”, White paper 2020, by EPOS

How ANC works

Sound, of course, reaches the ear in invisible waves. Active Noise Cancellation works by effectively removing lower frequency sound waves. Both types of waves – the intrusive incoming waves originating from an external source (ambient noise) and the noise-cancelling waves produced by the ANC headset (anti-noise) – have the same amplitude and frequency.

The anti-noise is played so that the peaks and troughs are synchronized and inverted with the ambient noise. This alignment causes the waves to cancel each other out. The result – virtual silence for the relieved headset user and a spike in your working efficiency!

The ADAPT Line – ANC as standard

As the modern workplace has evolved and we work in an increasing number of different sound environments, EPOS has developed a line of headsets that adapt to your working situation and keep you in control. All ADAPT headsets, including the ADAPT 300, 400, 500 and 600 Series have an ANC button that can be switched on an off to suit the place you are working.

  • ADAPT 300 – Enjoy both active and passive noise cancellation

    With feedback ANC and excellent passive noise cancellation, the ADAPT 300 Series creates an ideal concentration tool for modern professionals working in open offices and remotely.

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  • ADAPT 400 & ADAPT 500 – Hybrid ANC to suit your working style

    The ADAPT 400 and ADAPT 500 Series both include Hybrid ANC as standard with a four microphone ANC system. Simply choose between an in-ear wearing style (ADAPT 400) or an on-ear wearing style (ADAPT 500) to suit the way you work while guaranteeing all the benefits of Hybrid ANC technology.

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    Learn more about ADAPT 500
  • ADAPT 600 – Take focus further with Hybrid Adaptive ANC

    The top of the line ADAPT 600 includes our most advanced ANC technology yet. Hybrid Adaptive ANC constantly monitors your background environment and seamlessly adjusts to the ambient noise around you. This provides the precise level of noise cancellation where and when it’s needed.

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Empowering the modern workforce with ANC

The entire ADAPT Line of carefully crafted headsets radically reduces the constant disruptions of today’s open offices and the remote workplace with market-leading ANC. So, whether you’re battling the kids while working from home, or rushing to get that presentation finished on route to a client, your ANC headset helps you tune in to your own unique working style and get the job wherever, whenever.