Exceptional audio clarity and immersion with passive isolation

Further developments and refinements have been made to the overall comfort, microphone performance and aesthetics.

The speaker system delivers the signature EPOS sound with a controlled yet powerful performance throughout the entire audible frequency spectrum. To ensure the best voice reproduction, the removeable “lift-to-mute” boom has a more elongated, slimmer arm, allowing more varied placement without compromising voice pick-up.

The headsets are lighter than the GSP 500/600 series, and the headband distributes the load over as large an area as possible to reduce the perception of weight.

The headband also has marked indents on the sliders, allowing the user to reliably select their preferred fit each time, with angled speaker plates inside the earcups to ensure nothing is touching the ear inside. The volume wheel is larger for easier adjustment.

The sleek lines and new finish and color schemes add to the air of sophistication. Streamers using a separate microphone can also remove the boom arm and cap the joint neatly, preserving the aesthetic appeal.​

H6PRO At A Glance

  • Controlled, detailed yet powerful gaming audio
  • Designed for comfort however long you play
  • Multiplatform, high performance wired headset
  • Magnetic, detachable lift-to-mute microphone boom
  • High quality, lightweight, durable construction
  • Intuitive, direct volume control via headset wheel
  • Exceptional audio clarity for ultimate performance
  • Design minimizes hearing fatigue in long sessions

Price: $/€ 179

The elongated “lift to mute” boom arm is a revised design from the GSP 600 Series and offers precise voice pick-up; at the same time, it can be removed should the gamer so choose, for example when streaming with a stand-alone microphone. The connection can be covered with the supplied cap and the clean lines of the headset remain undisrupted.

The H6PRO shares the EPOS commitment to durability. Like our other headsets, it is tested exhaustively. The production line is meticulously monitored, and units tested for audio balance and quality control. In the event there’s a wear problem, for example with the headset cable or microphone boom arm, then they are user replaceable.

Sebring Black

H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

Ghost White

H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

Racing Green

H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

How to Connect H6PRO

In order to connect your H6PRO, use either the provided console cable or PC cable. The console cable features a 1 x 3.5 mm jack, making the H6PRO compatible with consoles, whereas the PC cable features a 2 x 3.5 mm jack, enabling PC connectivity.

Exceptional audio clarity and ultimate immersion

At EPOS, we pursue the most lifelike and natural reproduction of sound that is possible, and the speaker system we use in the H6PRO headsets delivers a remarkably accurate profile – by design. The EPOS sound signature is balanced and natural, rather than hyped and aggressive.

For example, the H6PRO headsets are designed for gaming over the very longest sessions. When you’re playing a game, your brain is constantly bombarded with audio cues, and at the same time you may be listening to team-mates over a voice channel. The muddier and less natural the sound, the harder your brain must work to decipher the audio and the more you will suffer from “audio fatigue”. The H6PRO speaker system offers lifelike sound across the full audible frequency spectrum to minimize fatigue.

The more a speaker system boosts a frequency at the expense of another, the harder it is for your brain to gather the vital information from game audio. A great example of this is the masking effect of over-hyped bass. A huge rumble may feel great, but science tells us that over-loud bass frequencies have a masking effect on the midrange – which is where crucial sounds such as player footsteps and other environmental cues sit.

The speaker system is tuned to deliver the highest possible realism and audio clarity and is factory checked to ensure accuracy in left-right balance – this is another crucial piece of the puzzle. Poorly matched headset speakers will badly disrupt directional information. And for the most accurate reproduction of surround sound using binaural technologies, the upper frequency performance must also be extremely accurate.The H6PRO delivers realism using all the ingenuity, experience and skills our engineering team can muster. No hype – it’s all about balance.

Advantages of the Closed Acoustic

The H6PRO Closed is designed to deliver exceptional hi-fidelity performance with an audio signature that’s controlled, powerful and focused. It’s perfect for gamers who like to be fully immersed in an audio soundstage isolated from the environment they are playing in.

The H6PRO Closed has excellent passive isolation characteristics, thanks to the selection of materials in the headset and the overall headband, hinge and earcup design that ensures a tight acoustic seal around the ears, the right clamping force and earcups that angle to fit any head shape.

For gamers competing at a live event, the H6PRO is the answer. Alternatively, in a shared space in a home environment where sound can leak either into or out of the headset, this is also the idea high-end, high performance analogue headset. Should they so choose, gamers can dial in their own voice to the headset when connected to a sound card that supports “sidetone” microphone monitoring – such as the GSX Series of external sound cards using EPOS Gaming Suite on PC.

Multiplatform Compatibility

The analogue wired headset may be an old solution – but it’s a trusted one provided it’s matched with high quality audio hardware. It has wide compatibility, and is supplied with cables for use with devices that use 3.5mm 4-pole headset jacks (e.g. consoles, phones) or a pair of 3.5mm 3-pole jacks for separate mic input and audio output (e.g. many PCs). Plug it in and play – no batteries, no latency worries, no connections woes, all controlled by a simple analogue volume wheel.

For high performance binaural audio on PC, we recommend matching with one of the GSX Series of external sound cards that supports EPOS Surround Sound, our proprietary solution for superior positional audio.

The headset of course will deliver great results from games that support surround sound on console, using the Xbox Windows Sonic system or Sony 3D Tempest Engine for the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles. Simply plug into the audio jack on the controller or any compatible 3.5 mm jacks on any console or smartphone and enjoy surround sound in those games which support multichannel audio.


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