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We wanted to build on our high-quality all-round analogue headset, the H3, with its acclaimed design and excellent audio performance, and add to its strengths by moving from the solely analogue domain. The use of our built-in DAC and amplifier gives us full control of the output signal delivered to the drivers and brings many additional benefits – the facility for wireless connection, sidetone capability, no electromagnetic interference from “noisy” internal PC audio, endless rotary encoder for volume and control over the entire audio chain. In particular, the H3 Hybrid can now make use of the EPOS Gaming Suite on PC, enabling the superior EPOS 7.1 Surround Sound and allowing full customization of audio to suit gamer preference.

Adding Bluetooth support – with a battery life of up to 37 hours in Bluetooth only mode - that will also work concurrently with the wired audio extends the functionality of the H3 Hybrid. The headset is also equipped with a magnetically attached removeable boom arm for optimal voice pick up and full EPOS Gaming Suite functionality – while also carrying an additional earcup microphone that allows the gamer to use their favorite headset on the go.

About EPOS

EPOS is an audio and video solution company developing and selling devices for business and gaming. The Danish founded company delivers high-end audio and video solutions with design, technology and performance as their paramount parameters.

EPOS was established to let the business segments of the joint venture – known as Sennheiser Communications – between Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and Demant A/S evolve in different set-ups. Alongside the introduction of a new own-branded portfolio, EPOS continues to sell the current Sennheiser Communications portfolio co-branded as EPOS | SENNHEISER.

EPOS is part of the Demant Group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology group. As such, it builds on more than 115 years of experience of working with innovation and sound. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, EPOS operates in a global market with offices and partners in more than 30 countries.

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A design for life

The EPOS team worked hard to ensure the H3 Hybrid delivered on a very broad ranging design brief.

In terms of functionality, the headset offers lag free, high performance gaming via USB cable along with the sophistication of EPOS Surround Sound and all the benefits of the EPOS Gaming Suite on PC. For multichannel audio, which most console games support, the 3.5 mm console cable supplied also will deliver the binaural surround sound experience the developer intended to your ears – and via a carefully tuned signal path with amplification carried out in the headset itself.

EPOS also has manufacturing quality control processes in place to ensure the left-right speaker balance is balanced correctly, which is so important for accurate spatial audio delivery.

The simultaneous Bluetooth audio connection – especially with the removeable boom arm and additional microphone in the earcup for use on the go – offers gamers the option to use their H3 Hybrid as both their go-to gaming headset and day-to-day audio device.

H3 Hybrid At A Glance

  • USB Gaming Headset with Bluetooth®
  • Multiple Connection Options
  • EPOS Engineered Audio
  • EPOS Gaming Suite For Audio Enhancement
  • Smart Button to Switch Audio Profiles
  • Audio Mixing With USB/Console Cable and Bluetooth®
  • Dual Microphones and Detachable Boom Arm
  • Instant Mute With Lift-to-mute Boom Arm
  • Intuitive Volume Control
  • Lightweight Adjustable Fit
  • Exchangeable Ergonomic Ear Pads
  • 37 Hours of Bluetooth® Battery Life
  • Multiplatform Compatible​​

Price: $179

The H3 Hybrid has been designed with obsessive attention to detail and commitment to quality and durability: tested, in fact, to the point of destruction, to ensure that in the unlikely event the device is broken, it will not cause injury. The earcup covers and cables – and the microphone boom arm – can all easily be replaced with spare parts by the owner themselves.

You can adjust the fit of the headset with the built-in stainless-steel slider in the headband, reliably dialing in your most comfortable fit with the help of the indicators and click stops. The hinged ear cups can be angled to fit any face shape and the ergonomic ear pads are designed to conform to the anatomy of your ear – creating both an excellent acoustic seal and long wearing comfort.

How to Connect H3 Hybrid

In order to connect your H3 Hybrid to your gaming platform, use either the 3.5mm (GSA 30 Console Cable) for all consoles or the USB (GSA 31 USB Cable) for PC gaming.

How to Connect H3 Hybrid with Bluetooth

In order to connect your H3 Hybrid through Bluetooth, hold the pairing button for 3 seconds and connect to “EPOS H3 Hybrid” on your Bluetooth device.

Hybrid for versatility

The H3 Hybrid offers three audio connection paths for the gamer who wants to enjoy a high-quality audio experience that fulfils all their needs from a single headset. The EPOS engineering team deliberately designed as much flexibility in as possible.

If the USB connection for PC is in use, then the analogue input for console will not operate at the same time. However, the Bluetooth audio connection is active at the same time as either the USB or analogue connection. This means you can mix in chat from an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth at the same time as listening to game audio from a PC via USB or console via the analogue cable.

The magnetic boom arm is also removeable, with a cap that covers the joint to maintain the sleek lines of the headset while you’re on the go and have no need of microphone in game. There is a second earcup microphone which means you’ll still be able to field calls seamlessly on your phone when you’re out and about on public transport and the boom arm is safely at home.

A more sophisticated wired option

Wired links have many advantages, not least of which is the fact that they inherently enjoy lower latency. The H3 Hybrid is designed specifically to cater for gamers who are happy to play via a wired connection that will give them a great, lag-free gaming experience while still offering standard Bluetooth for general use.

The supplied analogue cable is designed for use with consoles using standard 3.5 mm 4-pole headset jack plugs, such as the Nintendo Switch. It’s not the same as most analogue connections which rely on the amplification supplied by the console – the headset still uses its own amplifier circuitry inside the headset (which is carefully matched to the speaker system).

This means the headset needs to be charged and switched on to use the analogue cable (with a battery life of 24 hours) but ensures the best possible audio quality as a result. If this is combined with the additional Bluetooth channel mixed in, battery life will be closer to 19 hours.

When connected to a PC via the USB-C to USB-A cable, you have full access to all of the functionality of the EPOS Gaming Suite. This adds a comprehensive 9-band EQ with 4 optimized presets and the facility to add your own personalized profiles, switchable via the function button on the headset.

There are optional, customizable voice tones for the microphone input, and its gain can be adjusted to suit louder or quieter voices, along with a noise gate and a switchable “Side Tone” mode. This allows you to mix in the sound of your own voice to the audio you hear in your headset.

High performance EPOS Surround Sound

Our engineers have designed EPOS Surround Sound to deliver the best possible spatial experience for gamers. To determine if sound is coming from a specific direction, the audio delivered into a headset must sound as if it has interacted with our anatomy – our ears, head and shoulders especially. Our brain interprets these subtle differences in timing and frequency to build a mental picture of where the sound is located around us.

EPOS Surround Sound uses custom spatial filters that have been compiled from a large proprietary internal research database. We especially focus on improving the perception of sounds that comes from the back or side of the soundstage, which other surround sound processors struggle to deliver effectively.

When using the wired USB connection on PC, the H3 Hybrid can access full EPOS 7.1 Surround Sound functionality, controlled via the EPOS Gaming Suite, which also allows players to adjust the reverb level. Many other surround sound implementations are locked to a fixed reverberation setting.

Equally, proprietary console surround sound technologies work well on the H3 Hybrid via the analogue cable connection. Thanks to the well-balanced sound across the full audio spectrum and crystal-clear high frequencies that particularly assist positional audio perception, the H3 Hybrid delivers exceptional surround sound performance for both console and PC.

H3 Series

H3 Series
H3PRO Hybrid (Coming soon)Wireless Closed Acoustic Gaming HeadsetH3 HybridClosed Acoustic Gaming Headset with Bluetooth®H3Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset
ConnectivityComing soonBluetooth®, USB-C to USB-A, 3.5 mm jack3.5 mm jack
Speaker Frequency ReponseComing soon20-20,000 Hz20-20,000 Hz
Speaker ImpedanceComing soonN/A25 Ω
Speaker Sensitivity​Coming soon116 dBSPL / 0dB FS @1kHz114 dBSPL / 1Vrms @1kHz​
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)​Coming soon< 0.5% / 0dB FS @1kHz​< 0.6% / 1Vrms @1kHz
7.1 Surround Sound (for PC)​Coming soonYes-
Battery Time​Coming soonBluetooth®: 37 h​ours, 3.5 mm: 24 hours, Blueooth® + 3.5 mm: 19 hours-
Charging Time​Coming soon1.5 h​-
Microphone Style​Coming soonDetacheableNot detacheable​
Second Microphone​Coming soonYes-


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