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Esports contests are the ultimate realisation of gaming’s potential, bringing together iconic titles and elite skill. At EPOS we understand how important quality audio is to esport’s success. Bringing rich, deep audio and crystal-clear communications to level-up the performance of the world’s most demanding players is what we do.

Giving the Best the Edge

EPOS serves the most demanding esports athletes – whatever their genre or playstyle. We meet the needs of players that won’t compromise on quality, who seek every advantage they can over the competition. We’ve partnered with the worlds best esports orgs to better understand elite competitors’ needs – meaning best in class audio for every level of player.

Gain Every Advantage

When it comes to esports, quality game audio isn’t just about taking you deeper. Top esports athletes count on our products to increase their understanding of the game world around them. Our professional players need to know where their team is, and where the enemy lurks, never missing a vital audio cue.

Communicating Mastery

Clear communication is vital to serious esports teams. It is how they coordinate strategies, and channel their collective experience. Elite players need to know their voices will be clearly heard, even in the heart of the most intense clashes. EPOS is devoted to providing precise, clear, low-latency microphone technology that esports athletes can rely on.

Freedom from Distractions

Whether competing or training, esports athletes put in the time. That is why EPOS products are built with superior comfort in mind. A lightweight headset that stays in position means no distractions from products that slip or become uncomfortable. Comfort isn’t just a pleasant extra - in competitive gaming it means retaining the focus needed to achieve.

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H6PRO Closed

H6PRO Closed

Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

  • H6PRO - Closed - Sebring
  • H6PRO - Closed - Green
  • H6PRO - Closed - White

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