Take a second look..

18 "Out of this world" Easter-eggs have been hidden in the film. You will need to take a close look and if you pay attention you might just catch enough visual treats to land yourself a piece of EPOS' immersive gaming universe.

We will draw the winners among those who find the most Easter-eggs, and the lucky winners will have earned themselves a legend for their gaming set-up, the GSP 600, along with an "Out of this world" VIP box, including EPOS branded hoodie and t-shirt.

The hunt ends on August 4

Clue: Up to 18 Easter-eggs have been hidden throughout the film. See how many you can spot, and list them below.


What is an Easter-egg?

An Easter-egg is a term being used for unexpected features being hidden inside software or movies such as references from games. For the EPOS Easter-egg hunt we’ll give you the first egg in order to get you started, which is the big XP sign, that stands for Experience Points. Happy Easter-egg hunt!

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EPOS, behind the scenes

Some take naps.
Others take over galaxies.

Whether you mow the lawn, read a book, do a downward facing dog or play your favourite video game to relax, it’s all the same to us. We believe that immersing into any activity is good for you. ​ We make industry-leading gaming audio that allows you to fully immerse into the gaming experience. ​ ​

That’s why we call it
Out of this world gaming audio

Meet the legend

For the gamer that accepts no compromise in quality and performance, the connoisseur that seeks the best tools to boost their competitive edge and enhance their enjoyment of the game. Meet a legend in the EPOS portfolio.
GSP 600
GSP 600

GSP 600

Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

List price219.00€

GSX 300 USB Sound Card

Level up your game audio

Designed for the gamer seeking enhanced performance with their gaming headset, the GSX 300 external sound card boosts your audio experience to new levels. A simple to use, well-engineered addition to your gamer arsenal, instead of relying on your PC on-board sound, this is the must-have audio upgrade for your gaming setup.

Black Edition

Snow Edition

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