Sweet suite sound

While EPOS is primarily known as a company that designs and manufactures high quality audio hardware, part of our secret recipe is the software that supports it.

When we made our first gaming headsets, all we had control over was in the analogue domain – the already amplified signal arriving into our headset wire, emanating from the speakers and arriving at your ear. When consumers had problems with bad audio quality, it was nearly always related to what was going on inside the equipment our headset was plugged into!

It makes sense for us to have as much control as possible over the entire audio chain – ideally from the moment it exits the game. We already had control of the hardware that transforms the electrical signal to pressure waves in air (the speaker), but ideally we also need to control the part of the audio chain that translates the digital signal into the analogue realm (the DAC) and the part that controls the Windows driver and any sound processing – which is where the EPOS Gaming Suite steps in. We even created our own audio driver for Windows 10 to ensure the most fundamental level of audio quality control.

The EPOS Gaming Suite is Windows software designed for use with our wireless headsets (H3PRO Hybrid, H3 Hybrid, GSP 370 and 670) and external sound card / headset amplifier the GSX 300. (Our other amplifiers, the GSX 1000 and 1200, both have much of the functionality of the gaming suite built into the hardware itself.) The EPOS Gaming Suite brings a host of benefits from the perspectives of feature support, personalization, and upgradability.

EPOS Gaming Suite adds a comprehensive 9-band EQ with four optimized factory settings for different purposes and the facility to add your own personalized profiles – one per game if you so choose! This can be assigned to the function button on the GSP 670 or GSX 300 for easy switching during gameplay.

Being able to adjust EQ is especially important to gain an edge in competitive gaming – you may want to enhance the treble response to ensure the most important directional cues are not masked by explosions, for example.

You can also switch between 2.0 stereo and 7.1 surround modes within the EPOS Gaming Suite – and this can be assigned to the function button as well. EPOS Surround Sound also allows players to adjust the reverb level of our 7.1 headset implementation from within the suite – unlike many other surround sound implementations which are locked to a fixed reverberation setting.

Illustration: EPOS Gaming Suite voice enhancer

“Warm” and “Clear” voice tones can be applied if desired – or the signal can be left entirely clean. Mic gain can be adjusted in case you are one of those players who hits full volume in the heat of battle! There is also an adjustable noise gate (a setting that switches the mic on when it reaches a certain input level, keeping out background noise) and even controls for the level of mic noise reduction where relevant.

At EPOS, we think of the EPOS Gaming Suite as an ever-evolving software companion for our hardware audio solutions. A great example of this is the recent addition of a “Side Tone” mode. You can now mix in the sound of your own voice to the audio you hear in your headset, a feature often requested by our users, especially those who use closed back headsets.

The other important function of the EPOS Gaming Suite is to facilitate upgrades to the EPOS hardware itself. We are constantly improving our technology, and where possible we ensure our hardware has upgradable firmware so we can add support for new features and adjust existing functionality or performance.

Though it’s carefully manufactured hardware that you hold in your hands when you unbox an EPOS product, we always ensure that the software that powers it contributes equally to its final gaming performance.

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Sweet Suite Sound

While EPOS is primarily known as a company that designs and manufactures high quality audio hardware, part of our secret recipe is the software that supports it.

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