Feel the Beauty of the Game with an Open Acoustic Headset

Open acoustic headsets provide a true soundstage, space to breathe and less wearing fatigue

For the pleasure of gaming at home and in quiet surrounds, consider the advantages of the open acoustic headset. The first thing you, as a gamer will notice when switching from closed to open acoustic headsets – apart from no more sweaty ears – is the experience of wider, deeper and more spatial audio. That wider and deeper space is what is known as the soundstage. With open back headsets, there is air flow in and around the drivers. Your audio will encompass the space around you and the air in the room, creating a more open soundstage which in turn, creates a greater sense of space and hence, a more immersive audio experience.

A true soundstage

Audio is made up of sound waves created by vibrations, causing repetitive high- and low-pressure patterns to move through air or other materials. Open acoustic headsets allow air flow around the drivers and your audio becomes wider, deeper, more expansive, which in turn means it is more life-like and natural. Games with open landscapes suddenly become more spatial. The soundstage opens up and your game world just got bigger. Your audio senses extend beyond what is directly in front of you, and audio details such as the chatter of a squirrel, the hoot of an owl and the quiet footsteps of your character or the hoof beats and jingling harness of your horse become sensate in the greater soundscape you are immersed in. You begin to feel the game landscape around you.

Space to breathe

Open acoustic headsets provide air flow in and around the ear cups, hence heat and moisture does not build up, and they provide airy comfort during extended gaming sessions. Open acoustic headsets are also less fatiguing to use as pressure does not build up in the ear cups when audio is delivered. As we are not dependent on a good seal we can typically reduce the amount of pressure on the head with an open acoustic headset. The drivers vibrate in an open basket and some of that pressure is dissipated through the open back instead of being driven into your ears, contributing to wearing comfort during extended gaming sessions. No more sweaty ears. Feel the game, not the headset.

Real world awareness

A headset that is open backed and allows air flow means that you are not isolated from your surroundings. The game audio with an open acoustic headset is more immersive due to the more spatial soundstage but you maintain real world situation awareness because of that open back. You will be able to keep half an ear open for audio cues from the real world: A baby’s cry; a knock on the door, or a phone call from a loved one. The trade off is of course that we would not recommend using an open acoustic headset in a noisy environment as this can interfere with the gaming audio.

EPOS open acoustic headsets

The GAME ONE and GSP 500 are identical to the GAME ZERO and GSP 600 headsets respectively except that they are open acoustic rather than closed. Reproducing natural audio across the entire audible frequency spectrum is what we focus on at EPOS to deliver the ultimate gaming experience, and the GAME ONE and GSP 500 delivers extremely accurate realism and no-compromise high fidelity audio. Proprietary drivers provide high quality audio reproduction, resolution and precise cues while the open acoustic design creates a true soundstage and enhances the natural, life-like quality of your game audio.

Where properly reproduced audio is paramount in a game’s enjoyment, when the ability to discern distinct directional audio cues can mean in-game life or death, when the games you enjoy are those that have wide landscapes you can explore, you may desire that wider, deeper soundstage that the open acoustic headsets excel in delivering, especially if you game in quiet surroundings.

Immerse yourself in the superbly natural, expansive audio that EPOS engineering brings to you with the open acoustic GAME ONE and GSP 500 gaming headsets. Take your game to the next level and feel the game, not the headset.