EPOS Gaming Headsets for PS5

Discover which features are most important when choosing a PS5 Gaming Headset, and get the edge you’re looking for with the EPOS headset that is best suited to your needs.

Audio has the power to create an exceptionally immersive gaming experience. But how do you know which PS5 Gaming Headsets will deliver exactly what you need? Whether you are looking for the best overall experience or maximum comfort for long gaming sessions, superior sound is a must for a gaming headset. Depending on the types of games you play, your requirements for a PS5 Gaming Headset will vary: for marathon gaming sessions, comfort is crucial, which is why EPOS has chosen to focus on ergonomic design and high-quality materials for unparalleled long-wear comfort.

When choosing a headset for PS5, superior sound quality and a microphone that provides crystal clear communication are essential for every gamer – but for specific games, surround sound headsets can really take your experience to another level. Equipped with our Binaural Rendering Engine and Digital Amplification – delivering 7.1 virtual surround sound quality that no speaker could reproduce – surround sound headsets enable the quickest possible reactions to auditory cues. The faster you react, the sharper your gameplay will be.

The EPOS GSP 670 or 370 headsets for PS5 come with a complete EPOS Gaming Suite setup. Since having full control over your game audio is a key part of the experience, EPOS created the EPOS Gaming Suite for that very purpose. Featuring microphone tuning, noise control settings, a full equalizer, surround sound settings, and more, players have the opportunity to truly customize their sound and optimize their audio experience.

Choosing the Best Headset for PS5

Unleash your peak game with the EPOS GSP 670 or GSP 370 and discover The Power of Audio™. We believe that excellence in audio completes the gaming experience, from crystal clear communication to superior sound, so choosing the right headset can make all the difference.

Ultimate audio, ultimate performance, ultimate game.

With wireless, no-compromise engineered audio performance and lag-free transmission that delivers instant feedback, the GSP 670 – complete with customized 7.1 surround sound – delivers powerful audio for a world-class gaming experience. Intelligent battery management and Bluetooth® compatibility allows you to switch seamlessly between your game and your phone. Read more about the GSP 670.

One single charge, 100 hours of wireless gaming.

With up to 100 gaming hours of pure audio on a single charge and lag-free low-latency connectivity, the GSP 370 gives you the freedom to move around while keeping your head in the game. Designed for longer gaming experiences, this headset’s ergonomic design is tailored for fit and comfort. Additionally, its flexible microphone with a lift-to-mute boom arm enables you to quickly mute yourself for a seamless long-wear experience. Read more about the GSP 370.