Best Gaming Headset 2023

Best Gaming Headsets 2023

There are no shortage of great headset options for the dedicated gamer in 2023. It is impossible to assess and compare the best headsets of the year, however, without also addressing what, and who, they have been designed for. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of our picks for the best gaming headsets for 2023 and explore briefly what they each bring to the table.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

H3PRO Hybrid

The H3PRO Hybrid provides wireless perfection - stepping up your game like never before. It’s not your average headset – our wireless technology means wireless freedom. On-the-go gaming is a breeze against the backdrop of real life whether you’re counting streaks or bagging loot. Total compatibility comes as standard. The boom and headset are responsive in making wireless sessions seamless. From PC to mobile, on any device we’ve designed a totally lag-free connection that suits you: dongle, Bluetooth® and the option of exchangeable USB and console cables including up to 19 hours of low-latency wireless connectivity with ANC on and up to 30 hours without ANC.

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GSP 670

The GSP 670 is the high-end wireless headset from EPOS. It comes complete with all the tech and features you could imagine and has the premium audio to go along with it. Crafted to meet the needs of the audiophile gamer who wants nothing but the best wireless gaming experience, the GSP 670 guarantees a fully immersive experience.

The GSP 670 allows you to switch seamlessly between your game and phone and comes with 7.1 surround (sound), intelligent battery management to preserve battery life, and the option to adjust chat and game audio independently. Cutting-edge wireless technology ensures lag-free low-latency transmission for swift game reactions, while Bluetooth® connectivity allows gaming on compatible devices and lets you switch seamlessly between your game and phone, delivering the ultimate in audio control.

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GSP 370

A perfect choice for the gamer who prizes comfort over all else, the GSP 370 delivers reliable, lag-free audio with up to 100 hours of play on a single charge. Featuring a microphone with a lift-to-mute flexible boom arm, ergonomic design for the perfect fit and weighing in at only 285g, this headset is ideal for those long gaming sessions. The GSP 370 charges in just one hour so you can play for a full 100 hours without needing to charge the headset in the middle of a dedicated session.

Low-latency connection means you don’t have to worry about the audio being able to handle competitive gaming or sounds being delivered as soon as you need them. While the GSP 370 does not have all of the same technical features as the GSP 670, it provides the same premium experience as other EPOS headsets, making it a great fit for gamers who value comfort, perfect audio and full gaming immersion.

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Most Comfortable Gaming Headset

H3 Analogue

Take your game to the next level with plug and play ease and multi-platform compatibility. The EPOS H3 closed acoustic gaming headset features engineered audio that delivers skin tingling deep bass to enhance the intensity of game action and absolute voice clarity for crisp and clear in-game communication.

The perfect entry level all-round wired gaming headset for those looking for premium audio and an immersive gaming experience, the H3 works with PC / Soft phone, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac OSX, PS5, Xbox Series X.

This is a great headset if you wish to dive into the world of high-quality audio without compromising on comfort.

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H6PRO Series

The H6PRO is quite simply the most comfortable gaming headset currently available. Its large earpads and high-quality materials combine to make this an absolute MVP for long gaming sessions. On top of providing superior comfort with features such as a cushioned headband, memory foam earpads, and adjustable ear cups, the H6PRO also delivers some of the best sound quality from EPOS, with hi-fidelity audio performance across the full audio spectrum.

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Best Wired Headsets

H6PRO Closed Acoustic

The H6PRO Closed is designed for excellent hi-fidelity performance with an audio signature that’s controlled, powerful and focused. The H6PRO Closed delivers high-quality sound across the full audio spectrum with maximum accuracy and minimum listening fatigue. An elongated, slim, detachable microphone boom arm and a sleek design with lightweight profile offer exceptional comfort and convenience.

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H6PRO Open Acoustic

The H6PRO Open delivers exceptional hi-fidelity performance with an audio signature that’s expansive and open, making it a perfect choice for those who want audiophile quality sound incorporated into their gaming environment. An expansive soundstage provides unrivalled realism and natural gaming audio for use in quiet spaces or when you want to stay aware of your surroundings. A slim, detachable microphone boom arm and a sleek lightweight headband offer exceptional comfort and convenience.

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Audiophile - Open Gaming Headsets

H6PRO Open Back

Ideal for use in quiet environments or when you want to stay aware of your surroundings, the H6PRO offers an expansive soundstage with unrivalled realism and natural gaming audio. A slim, detachable microphone boom arm and sleek lightweight headband provide exceptional comfort and convenience.

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Game ONE

Enjoy extremely accurate, yet natural spatial audio with the GAME ONE acoustic gaming headset. Proprietary technology ensures exceptional audio realism. Lightweight, robust and luxuriously appointed, if realistic high-performance audio and comfort is your game, the GAME ONE has got your name on it.

The headset features an open design for natural sound and it keeps your head cool for long gaming sessions.

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Surround Sound Experience

GSX 300

The missing piece to your gaming puzzle. Say goodbye to tinny, lackluster audio and hello to immersive, heart-pumping sound. With EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology, you'll feel like you're in the game, dodging bullets and hearing enemies creep up behind you.​​

The GSX 300 also features 7.1 surround sound and EPOS' binarual rendering engine. This means that you'll be able to hear sounds coming from all directions, making it easier to pinpoint the location of enemies and other in-game sounds. Imagine hearing the sound of an enemy's footsteps coming from the left and being able to react in time to take them out. Or hearing the sound of a grenade being thrown from behind you, giving you just enough time to run for cover.

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GSX 1000 2nd Edition

The GSX 1000 2nd edition external sound card puts an intuitive audio command centre at arm’s reach, bringing you quality audio that takes you deeper into immersive worlds.

With the GSX 1000 2nd edition, you can supercharge your existing analog audio set-up, taking your gaming experiences to the next level. Not only does this sleek, beautifully designed device level-up your PC set-up to deliver state of the art 7.1 surround sound – it also gives you absolute control to customize what you hear. With a touch of the illuminated facia, you can easily select and modify profiles that bring the best out of every kind of audio experience.

Total audio control also means making sure you never miss out when you’re gaming. The GSX 1000 2nd edition doesn’t just let you chat and game at the same time – it gives you full control to customize your game audio without impacting how you hear conversations with friends and teammates.

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Best Microphone for Gaming & Streaming


Perfect for gaming and streaming and for those who want the best microphone EPOS has to offer, the EPOS B20 four-pattern USB streaming microphone provides optimized audio in any recording situation. Elevate your game with easy plug-and-play design, built-in volume, gain, mute, pickup pattern dials and headphone jack for real time monitoring.

The B20 captures audio at a sample rate of 48KHz – 48,000 measurements of the audio signal per second - which comfortably reproduces the entire frequency range audible to humans, using a resolution of 24-bits (16 million different values) rather than the more common 16-bit standard (65 thousand different values). This delivers 256 times as much precision, giving a dynamic, rich, clear audio signal in studio broadcast quality that captures every nuance of the human voice.

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Quality Sound Experience for Consoles

GSP 370 & GSP 670

Our GSP 370 wireless gaming headset offers absolute wireless freedom for console gamers, with lag-free audio, up to 100 hours of play on a single charge, and the ability to tweak audio settings in the EPOS Gaming Suite. Low-latency wireless connection provides instant feedback for enhanced game performance, while integrated digital sound processing provides exceptional bass and communication clarity. The headset is also quick and easy to charge, with only five minutes of charging time equaling a full hour of gameplay.

The GSP 670 is the ultimate wireless gaming headset designed for the dedicated gamer, featuring a two-volume wheel with separate volume control for chat via communication sources and game audio built into the headset. While the headset only provides 20+ hours of battery on Bluetooth and 16+ for low latency gaming, it does have an intelligent battery management system that automatically powers on and off to maximize battery life. This means you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn it off after use.

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H6PRO Series

The high-end wired solution for truly immersive console audio, the H6PRO Open/Closed acoustic headsets provide extra ventilation for supreme comfort during those long gameplay sessions. The Closed version has cutting-edge passive noise cancellation for that extra focus when you need it most.

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H3 series

A great entry product to high-end audio, the H3 delivers exceptional sound and multi-platform connectivity, enabling you to just plug it in and start enjoying an immersive gaming experience instantly.

The H3 Hybrid offers both wired connectivity with USB/console cables and simultaneous Bluetooth® connectivity, for crisp, intelligible game chat. Adjustable headband and angled earcups give you an ergonomic fit and long-wearing comfort.

The H3PRO Hybrid is a light and versatile premium wireless headset that has multiple connection options, enhanced noise cancellation with ANC, and features dual microphones with detachable boom arm for enhanced flexibility.

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Earbuds - Headset on the go

GTW 270 Hybrid

Ideal for casual gamers and for those who want to escape to new worlds while on the move, GTW 270 Hybrid wireless earbuds deliver no compromise audio performance, with absolute in-ear comfort, long battery life and low latency dongle. As an EPOS hybrid product, the GTW 270 Hybrid delivers multiple connection options; Bluetooth® or aptX™ Low Latency connection with USB-C dongle for zero lag gaming. Its unique shape ensures a secure, comfortable fit for hours of high-end playback.

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Whatever your gaming needs, there is an EPOS headset to meet them and more.