EPOS Technology

We believe in the power of audio. Our work is focused on audio engineering, craftsmanship and a deeply rooted passion for optimal user performance.

Our unique EPOS Technologies encompass Artificial Intelligence, Sound Experience and Microphone Performance. We collaborate with leading global Unified Communications providers to ensure our products offer an excellent user experience. Together with software that continually enhances and updates your audio devices, EPOS technology is dedicated to ensuring maximum productivity for your business.

EPOS Technologies

Through advances in Artificial Intelligence, Sound Experience and Microphone Performance EPOS has created unrivalled audio solutions that boost the performance of the modern professional. We call these technologies EPOS AI™, EPOS Sound™ and EPOS Voice™.

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EPOS Software

We strive constantly to optimize your audio experience. That’s why we’ve developed software solutions to optimize and enhance the user experience of all your EPOS products. From audio device management freeware to plugins that optimize your call experience.



UC certified headsets and speakerphones

We obtain certifications, test our products and develop long-term relationships with the leading global Unified Communications providers. You can count on an easy-to-install integrated solution that delivers a smooth and productive user experience.



Headset compatibility guide

Use our compatibility guide to find the choices available to you and to learn about the different headset features.