Intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms


EXPAND Capture 5

Only available in the US

An intelligent speaker for all Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) systems on Windows, with a 7-beamforming microphone array and Cortana voice assistant. Advanced voice recognition and transcription capabilities provide an inclusive meeting experience as if all in the room together.

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Article number1000895

Key features

  • Enhance the Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) experience
  • Advanced voice recognition
  • 7-microphone array
  • Designed with Cortana in mind
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Activate the Hybrid Workplace


The EXPAND Capture 5 is now available for purchase in US. Additional regions will be available later this year, as per the roll-out plan from Microsoft.

Upgrade Your Microsoft Teams Rooms

Level the playing field with EXPAND Capture 5 – an intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms* that empowers your meeting participation. Transcribe your meetings automatically for quality collaborations, as if all were in the room together. The premium speaker driver and 7-microphone array deliver superior audio and voice recognition of every participant.

* Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows compute unit

EPOS and Microsoft

EPOS, the leading provider of premium audio solutions, has been a long-term partner with Microsoft, the global leader in Unified Communications and collaboration, to provide you with the ultimate communication and collaboration experience.

Participate Fully with Automated Meeting Transcription

The EXPAND Capture 5 has an advanced voice recognition system and can identify up to 10 in-room participants in a Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting. This feature also means that the EXPAND Capture 5 automatically provides a live transcript of the meeting, able to differentiate between voices to determine who said what and when.

Theis Mørk, Vice President of Product Management at EPOS

“We are thrilled to launch the EXPAND Capture 5 together with Microsoft. Being one of the first of its kind on the market, the EXPAND Capture 5 rethinks the modern meeting room at a crucial time where we all adapt to a more hybrid way of work and ensure that our joint customers can be productive as never before regardless of their location.”

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The Future of Meeting Rooms in the Post-COVID World

EPOS, the leader in premium audio solutions, is joining forces with Microsoft to deliver all-in-one solutions for tomorrow’s meeting spaces. These solutions rely on a combination of audio, video, software, and AI to deliver a truly seamless virtual meeting experience.

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Technical Specification

Connects to Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows compute unit. Premium license needed

  • Microphones

    7 beamforming microphones

  • Warranty

    2 Years

Technical Data

Operating Temperature Range

32°F - 131°F

Storage Temperature Range

-4°F - 140°F


Accessories included

PowerSupply, USBCable

Package weight (incl. Complete product and packaging)

32 oz.

Dimensions of product packaging (L x W x H)

7.60 in. x 9.92 in. x 2.60 in.

Dimensions of master carton (L x W x H)

16.18 in. x 11.65 in. x 14.33 in.

Units in distributor master carton




Microsoft Teams


Product Dimensions

4.84 in. + 4.84 in. + 2.09 in.

Product height

2.09 in.

Cable length

78.74 in.


14 oz.

General Data



Article no.


EAN Code


UPC Code


Total harmonic distortion


Long Term-Reliability


2 years

Microsoft Teams Certified



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