ATC/C3 Headsets

When simple speech transports vital information, speech intelligibility is not just another benefit - it's a necessity. Transducers and microphones in EPOS | Sennheiser headsets for air traffic control are dedicated to capturing and reproducing the human voice with absolute precision.

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Precision in Sound and Technology.

When you devote yourself to supervising air traffic, hearing and being heard correctly must not take any extra effort. All EPOS | Sennheiser air traffic control headsets are constructed with that in mind.

High-quality speakers and microphones able to block ambient noise are therefore an absolute must. Just as a lightweight design that, together with soft ear pads, results in superb wearing comfort over the course of the workday.

HMD 46-31-II

46-II Series

HS w dyn mic, no ActiveGard

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