EPOS devices certified for Google Meet & Voice

EPOS and Google are working together to get EPOS devices certified for Google Meet and Voice, thereby optimizing for remote learning, and working. Add rich, natural sound and Active Noise Cancellation to your next Google Meet session with the certified, stylish, and portable headsets and speakerphones from our ADAPT, EXPAND, and IMPACT lines.

Google Meet Certified Headsets

The following EPOS devices are a selection of our Google Meet certified headsets. Each headset has more variants and EPOS sales can help you to choose the one that fit your organization best

  • ADAPT 100

    ADAPT 100

    Activate your potential

    List priceFrom MSRP 69.00$

  • ADAPT 200

    ADAPT 200

    Access peak performance anywhere

    List priceFrom MSRP 189.00$

  • ADAPT 300

    ADAPT 300

    Work your way in style

    List priceFrom MSRP 269.00$

  • IMPACT 200

    IMPACT 200

    Put talk in focus

    List priceFrom MSRP 95.00$

  • IMPACT 600

    IMPACT 600

    Outstanding clear communication

    List priceFrom MSRP 179.00$

The EXPAND 40, Sleek, Portable and Google Meet Certified

The EXPAND 40 is your instant conferencing companion certified to work seamlessly with Google Meet. Its wireless, light, and portable, easy to use and with excellent sound quality for all participants – both in the room and remote.

Google Meet Certified Speakerphones

EPOS’ premium line of speakerphones, EXPAND, enables communication with excellent sound quality. We recommend the following Google Meet certified speakerphones for your next meeting.

  • EXPAND 30

    EXPAND 30

    Instant conferencing anywhere

    List priceFrom MSRP 169.00$

  • EXPAND 40

    EXPAND 40

    Instant conferencing enhanced

    List priceFrom MSRP 329.00$

Video Solutions Certified for Google Meet

EPOS’ premium video solutions enable seamless collaboration no matter where you’re working from. We recommend the following video solutions.

EXPAND Vision 1

EXPAND Vision 1

Video Conferencing – Personal Webcam

List priceMSRP 239.00$

Secure video meetings for teams and businesses

Google Meet is a secure, easy-to-use video conferencing solution that helps all kinds of people from students to professionals connect, communicate and collaborate. Meet is included with G Suite, G Suite Essentials, and G Suite for Education.

Google Meet ensures that business-class video conferencing is available to everyone. Reliable and secure, it can support up to 250 participants and 100k live stream viewers. Up to 16 participants can be simultaneously displayed in the tile/gallery layout option, making it a highly effective and robust video hosting solution where participants are seen and heard equally.

With access to other G Suite products, including Google Workspace, Google Workspace Essentials, and Google Workspace for Education, Google Meet is a perfect fit for hybrid work and those managing teams remotely.

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