This White Paper provides an overview of the technology, the regulatory background and the safety and wellbeing benefits of EPOS ActiveGard®.

Great sound, comfort and fit, excellent build quality, versatility, compatibility. These are just some of the many reasons for choosing a headset from EPOS. Acoustic safety is another important factor, so it is reassuring to know that EPOS Contact Center and Office (CC&O) headsets are equipped with EPOS ActiveGard®, one of the most advanced hearing protection technologies against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound bursts.

Sound safety

Occasionally, heavy phone users may be exposed to potentially
dangerous acoustic shock from unexpected and extremely loud sounds on the line.
EPOS’ patented ActiveGard® technology protects headset users from any
hearing loss or damage on the rare occasions where they experience this
type of incident – so that the users feel protected and secure to perform
their jobs.

With the introduction of softphone-based telephony, the EPOS ActiveGard®
technology has been further adapted to provide users of EPOS’ digital (USB
and wireless) headsets the same security and sound safety. This means that
regardless of the choice of professional headset, users can be sure that
EPOS ActiveGard® is always on duty to protect their hearing, ensuring that
nothing unexpected gets in the way of important communications.