Customer Case: Sympany

Sympany is a Swiss health insurance provider. They use the EPOS Manager software to effortlessly maintain over 1,000 EPOS headsets.

"EPOS Manager is a delight. We have immensely benefited from the central administration, saving a lot of time and effort"

Alexander Schmidt, IT Manager at Sympany

The challenge:

Sympany relies on a virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) using IGEL OS. Their contact center employees access their softphone apps and functions by connecting to individual virtual desktops. This setup is highly secure and easy to administer centrally, but simple headset updating became a problem during the pandemic which required a device management tool that could resolve this in a frictionless manner.

The Solution:

Using EPOS Manager allows Sympany’s IT Department to standardize their update process. This way, all employee headsets always have the latest firmware, bringing enhanced stability, improved audio, and bug fixes.

The outcome:

Huge time savings

By managing 1000+ EPOS devices simultaneously, Sympany saves at least 250 work hours per firmware update, which is equivalent to about $11,000 USD* in time costs saved.

Simple administration

The IT Department can easily manage all devices remotely from one central location. Firmware updates happen only when headsets are idle and can be scheduled for when they’re most convenient

Better configuration options

EPOS Manager allows Sympany to adjust headset reach on the fly, optimizing for how crowded the call center is at any given time based on input from call center agents.

*Costs are approximate and may vary.

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