Customer Case: SIEMENS

The Siemens office in the Hague has chosen a different, more flexible way of working. With these new ways come new headsets. After a thorough investigation, Siemens chose our IMPACT 60 USB ML headset.

Headsets are critical to
our new way of working”

Stefan Hamers

IT program manager - Siemens

Stefan Hamers, the IT program manager of Siemens, explains: “At Siemens we were looking for new headsets, because we were switching to a Siemens office concept, where employees don’t have a fixed work space and can use different ways of communication. The headsets have an important role in this scheme.”

Sound Quality
Lex Smit was the IT consultant for the project. He notes that things change quickly. “We are used to comparing the sound quality of phone calls with that of a switchboard and a land line. The headset therefore becomes a very important component in this situation. We can say that the sound quality in this new situation is just as good, if not better, than with the conventional telephone.”

But the most important role in Siemens’ decision to use our headsets was how user-friendly the headsets are. Annemiek van Klink, the Change Manager, saw huge advantages. “The old headset covered your entire ear, so you couldn’t hear what was going around you any more. With these headsets, I have no problems with background noise, but if someone stands next to me because they need something, I can hear the person just fine. That’s very pleasant. “What’s also nice about these headsets is that they’re very light
and portable, so you can easily bring them with you on a business trip.” She would never want to work without headsets again. “With a headset I can multitask. Your hands are free to take notes. We all have our own headset. I can keep them in a locker in the office, but I can also take them with me if I want to work at home or in another place.” Lex Smit also like the ease of using the headset. “They’re so light, you almost don’t realize that you’ve got them on. They’re also tough and flexible and can take a beating. You don’t have to be too careful with them.”

Eventually Siemens chose our IMPACT 60 USB ML headsets. There are currently 500 of these headsets being used by the company, and when the transition is completed, they will be using 1500 units. Hamers: “The headsets have to meet certain criteria. First, of course, is the relationship between price and quality. This is important, since we’re ordering such a large number. All employees will be provided with a headset, so the headsets must be easy to transport. Therefore they need to be flexible and tough.”

Working together
Hamers is very happy about our collaboration. “We were looking for a company that could deliver the whole spectrum of headsets, for office as well
as for call centers.” The cooperation will, according to him, definitely continue. “At Siemens, we are planning to roll out these headsets to more teams.”