London, United Kingdom

Customer Case: Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a leading independent, global real estate firm headquartered in London. With 411 offices in 59 countries and more than 14,000 people it has a reputation for uncompromising professionalism and delivering the highest standards of quality and integrity across global residential and commercial property advisory services.

The Challenge
Knight Frank required a new rollout of wireless headsets across its UK operations. This consisted of approximately 2,000 employees including senior management, secretaries, surveyors, sales agents and switchboard staff. The headsets needed to meet a range of stringent criteria to enable employees to carry out their roles.

The Solution
Knight Frank chose our IMPACT D 10 USB ML - a wireless single-sided DECT headset Certified for Skype for Business due to its ability to set up a built-in ringtone so employeescan hear a call without wearing the headset ensuring they never miss a call.

The new headsets needed to meet a range of stringent criteria to enable employees to carry out their roles. These criteria included:

Effortless flexibility so employees could move easily around their office environments

Give employees the option to take calls away from their desk

The ability to easily take notes whilst being on a call

Ensuring safety by avoiding wires that could become tangled. This is a safety hazard in open plan, fast paced office environments

Reducing radio frequency radiation to the head which, if excessive, has proven to be hazardous to human health

The headsets are robust and provide clear sound quality. The flexibility they provide while being able to take calls away from your desk is brilliant. The battery life is exceptional and a full charge can keep you going all day”

Sejal Patel

Project Coordinator - Knight Frank

While each of these points is important in its own right, Knight Frank’s over arching objective was to improve the efficiency of its people and their comfort levels, allowing them to communicate professionally and effortlessly across a wide range of platforms without being tied to their desks.

Following a proof of concept trial, Knight Frank chose our IMPACT D 10 USB ML - a wireless DECT single-sided and Skype for Business Certified headset. The headset is inherently flexible but the IMPACT D 10 also includes full work day battery life, clear sound quality and comfort, along with the ability to choose between over-ear or headband fittings.

The headsets are now being used across the UK business, including in their regional offices. A Knight Frank Partner and Head of Consultancy said: “The headsets have proven to be popular, even among those who weren’t initially keen to adopt them. It makes it easier to multi-task and some of the team really like having the flexibility to take their phone calls while moving around the office.”

Innovative technology developments also make this headset stand out. EPOS VoiceTM technology enables a natural listening experience plus the noise-cancelling microphone and EPOS ActiveGuard® protects users against acoustic shock.

Advanced Digital Signal Processing enables clear sound thanks to echo cancelling and audio equalisation and DECT connectivity helps avoid interference with nearby Wi-Fi devices so crystal clear sound quality is a constant benefit.

When combined, these benefits ensure that Knight Frank can effortlessly leverage a wide range of communication options such as Skype for Business video conferencing where you can add other people to a conference call by simply docking headsets to the same base station. You can also host wireless conversations up to 55 metres from the base station.

We supported Knight Frank throughout the entire process from initial contact, to proof of concept and implementation, as well as providing on-going support when required. This included hosting a road show to introduce the technology to end users. The Knight Frank IT team has been incredibly supportive, ensuring a successful