Empowering Remote Workers, ADAPT 660 Wins the Prestigious NiKKTech Golden Award

With businesses growing increasingly international and workforces moving remote, the need for superior audio experiences has increased, and with 2020 pushing fast forward on remote working, the focus this year has been on supporting professionals working from home. Having already won two prestigious awards in 2020 for its outstanding performance, the ADAPT 660 headset continues the winning streak — being awarded the NiKKTech Golden Award.

ADAPT 660 — Wins the NiKKTech Golden Award for outstanding performance

EPOS is ending the year on a high with the news that the ADAPT 660 headset had won the prestigious NiKKTech Golden Award. This year, weight was put on what people need today for both work and leisure, and designed for enterprise solutions, the EPOS flagship headset from the professional line, the ADAPT 660 headset, made it all the way to the top. Working from home can be challenging, as homes rarely offer ideal working conditions. With pets, kids or full households challenging our focus and concentration, the need for the right tools empowering our concentration and performance, regardless of our sound environment, is at an all time high. The ADAPT 660 headset was created with this very purpose.

Ensuring users concentration and performance regardless of the surrounding sound environment and adjusting noise reduction both at home and on the go, the ADAPT 660 headset provides a natural listening experience, enhanced call quality and the possibility to personalize the user’s audio profile. All of these are features that make the headset a perfect tool for regaining focus when working from home.


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ADAPT 660 — Work Wherever, Whenever

Designed to maximize focus and productivity at the office, at home or on the go, the ADAPT 660 headset is powered by EPOS AI™ for personal audio with adaptive ANC, stereo sound and superb call quality, enabling users to regain concentration anytime, anywhere. With crisp, clear calls with a unique UC optimized solution, with machine learning and enhanced microphone performance, work calls and meetings are made both more productive and enjoyable. With a dedicated button, a single press launches Microsoft Teams on PC via BTD 800 USB dongle. It has never been more important to be able to work optimally in multiple sound environments and with the ADAPT 660 headset, users are ensured an immersive, adaptive and personalized audio experience, enabling them to work wherever, whenever.

ADAPT 660 on a 2020 Winning Streak

Praise for the ADAPT 660 headset didn’t start with The NiKKTech Golden Award. This August, the ADAPT 660 headset was recognized as a truly unique UC optimized solution and awarded best endpoint product in the 2020 UC Awards, after winning the TWICE VIP Award for best headphones within the business audio category earlier in the year. Being awarded three awards for outstanding audio design is a motivation and joy, and with the user response to the ADAPT 660 headset, EPOS can be sure that the headsets are delivering excellent audio experiences. At EPOS, the users are at the heart of everything and that is why the sound engineers spend thousands of hours developing and perfecting audio technologies that enable user performance. EPOS’ vision has always been to unleash human potential through superior audio experiences and the ADAPT 600 Series offers premium audio tools that combines state-of-the-art technology and contemporary design, making it perfect for remote working in the current world situation — helping remote workers perform to the best of their ability and reach their goals despite the challenges this year has brought.