EPOS Audio Devices Now Certified for Google Meet - Ready to Optimize Remote Learning and Working

Google offers solutions in every area of our lives that needs organizing and optimizing – not least when it comes to communication and collaboration. Google Meet is a secure, easy-to-use video conferencing solution that helps all kinds of people from students to professionals connect, communicate and collaborate. EPOS collaborated with Google Cloud to certify a range of EPOS audio devices that are now certified for Google Voice and Google Meet – helping to enhance virtual learning and remote working.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is the video meeting solution in G Suite that provides simple, secure video conferencing for teams and businesses, schools and universities. It helps teams stay securely connected, wherever they are, with enterprise-grade video collaboration built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure.

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Which EPOS devices are certified?

The following EPOS products from our IMPACT, ADAPT and EXPAND Lines are now Google Meet Certified.


For professionals and teams that need to collaborate in groups on both sides of the video conference call we recommend the following Google Meet certified speakerphone:


Google Meet headsets

For talk-centric and versatile professionals and teams spending long hours in video conferences and that constantly move between different working spaces and collaborate on the go we recommend the following Google Meet certified headsets

Certified Headsets

Tackling the challenge of remote learning

Since educational institutions have been forced to conduct classes remotely, there has been a huge increase in the use of Google Meet. Whole classes have had to adjust to a new way of interacting virtually online with their teachers and professors. It’s difficult enough to switch from the classroom situation with all the benefits of physical interaction but, with bad audio, the learning experience starts to suffer even further.

Instant conferencing for students and teachers

The EXPAND SP 30+ is EPOS’ first speakerphone certified for Google Meet. Using the EXPAND SP 30+ for remote learning means teachers have a portable, easy-to-use speakerphone that enables them to teach their classes hands-free with excellent sound quality on both sides of the call. Teachers and students alike get exceptional audio performance from an ultra-low distortion speaker and echo and noise-cancelling microphones with highly advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. Furthermore, when it comes to questions and conversations the EXPAND SP 30+ enables a natural conversation experience with duplex performance that allows simultaneous speech as if you were there in person.

What are the benefits of a Google Meet certified audio device?

Since the recent boom in remote working and learning, professionals, teachers and students are relying on high-quality video meetings to conduct business and learning in the most efficient way possible. Of course, not all audio hardware works to the same standard and not every device enables a high-quality audio experience. EPOS is committed to providing all our users the best experience, at school or in the workplace. That’s why we’ve worked with Google to certify a range of devices – to enhance educational and professional performance within the Google Meet collaboration platform.