Choose the right headset connectivity to boost productivity

According to the 2019 Sennheiser study, ‘The way we work’, 72% of employees working in contact centers and open plan offices use a headset every day. And 40% report using their headset for more than four hours every day. It follows that the right choice of connectivity between your employees’ EPOS headsets and their phones or other devices, or to your company’s Unified Communications solution, has implications for employee performance and company results.

There are three types of connectivity to choose between: Cable, Bluetooth and DECT. Each has its own pros and cons. Which one is best suited for your organization depends on your offices’ physical layout, the work you do, your employees’ preferred workstyle, the tasks they solve and where they do it.

With the sturdy cable (the original plug-and-play solution) you’ll never have to worry about battery time. On the other hand, the 30% of employees who reported that they need a headset that allows them to walk around while using it would find themselves tethered to their desks. A Bluetooth headset offers more mobility, but at the risk of interfering with the WiFi. DECT connections don’t have that problem but are limited in the number of devices they can connect to.

For an in-depth comparison of each connectivity option, please download this one-pager to learn more about your options.

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