The ADAPT 400 Series – New In-Ear, Neckband Headset That’s Good for Business and Good for Your Hearing

The development of the ADAPT 400 Series completes the ADAPT Line range with the first-ever in-ear, neckband headset from EPOS. But what makes the ADAPT 400 Series unique and why is choosing the right ear tips so vital for clear communication and your hearing?

A versatile, discreet work tool

For today’s versatile professionals it’s rare to find such professional audio and call quality combined with a discreet, lightweight neckband design. Until now that is. With the ADAPT 400 Series we’ve prioritized superior audio with convenience and portability. You can wear the neckband all day without even noticing it’s there, plugging in one or both ear tips while on calls, and neither when not in use. If you’re waiting for that all-important business call, the neckband vibrates discreetly meaning you’ll never miss it. The ADAPT 400 Series has two variants:



For versatile, on-the-go professionals

UC Optimized, Bluetooth®, in-ear neckband headset with BTD 800 USB dongle and carry case. Perfect for flexible on-the-go users who need to collaborate with colleagues and business partners in a range of locations.


For company deployment of Microsoft Teams

Certified for Microsoft Teams with a dedicated Microsoft Teams button to launch the application via a BTD 800 USB dongle. The 460T is a great solution for businesses deploying Microsoft Teams.


Advanced four microphone ANC system

Another key feature of this neckband headset is the advanced ANC system. The engineers at EPOS have managed to pack a hybrid ANC system into the headset with four microphones, meaning that versatile professionals can maintain concentration on the job at hand, even while out and about in ever-changing sound environments.


Call clarity and minimalist design

If you’re no stranger to on-the-go business calls the ADAPT 400 Series guarantees call clarity wherever you work, with a UC Optimized and Microsoft Team Certified solution all encased in an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design. There is also the opportunity to stay connected to two actively paired Bluetooth® devices (with up to eight devices in the pairing list), so switching between mobile and PC is no problem at all. Add a battery with up to 14 hours of talk time and this may easily become your constant working companion both in the office and out in the field, especially when EPOS has paid much attention to comfort and fit.


ADAPT 400 at a glance

  • Boost your productivity with ANC
  • Clear business calls with a UC Optimized MS Teams Certified solution
  • Enjoy superior lightweight comfort and fit
  • Multi-point connectivity – two actively paired Bluetooth® devices
  • Talk all day – 14 hours battery life


What makes the right ear tips so important?

Now we’re getting to the all-important ear tips, which again puts the ADAPT 400 Series a cut above other Bluetooth®, in-ear, neckband headsets. When you unbox the headset, you’ll notice a choice of four different sized silicone ear tips. It’s crucial to spend a bit of time trying them all out and finding the ones that fit you best and here’s why:

  • Safeguarding your hearing – bad fit offers zero noise isolation from environmental sound forcing users to turn up the volume, which over long periods damages hearing.

  • Sound quality – the fit improves call and audio clarity and makes ANC more effective as the soundwaves are all directed into the ears without sound “leaks” or “loopholes”.

  • Personalized fit – unknown to most, asymmetrical ear canals are actually quite common, meaning you may have to use a different sized ear tip for each ear.

  • Comfortable use – the right size affects user comfort. If you are a busy professional choosing comfortable ear tips is essential to your overall productivity at work.


Ear tips are the way forward

Headphones with rigid, molded plastic ear buds are one standard size, offering individual users zero flexibility for a better fit. At best they sit next to the ear canal and never quite inside it. With so much sound leakage, the temptation to turn up the volume of you call is irresistible. This quandary particularly affects versatile on-the-go professionals who move through different sound environments constantly. Turning up the volume may improve understanding of that one particular business call, but in the long run can damage your hearing.

Silicone is a flexible material with plenty of elasticity in it and being chemically inert means, it is less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin. Silicone is also washable and therefore helps to maintain a hygienic headset over acoustic foam that is harder to clean.


Finding the right ear tips

The ADAPT 400 Series comes with four different ear-tips sizes (XS, S, M, L). These have been developed based upon extensive research into the most common sizes and then tried and tested on real users. Meaning one or more of these ear tips should give you a snug comfortable fit for the best quality sound and protect your ears in the process. To change the ear tips, reverse them as shown in the diagram below. The reversed ear tip can then be flipped onto the in-ear sound tunnel and is ready for use.

Three steps to ear-tip comfort

  • Try out the ADAPT 400 Series headset with the first ear tips and test the sound
  • Replace the ear tips with another size and test the sound again
  • Try all the ear tips until you find the best-sounding, most comfortable ones

If a minimalist headset with professional audio is what your line of work requires, you can’t go wrong with the ADAPT 400 Series. This is a neat offering as stylish as it is functional for versatile professionals. As the first ever EPOS UC Optimized, in-ear, neckband headset, it looks set to be a popular choice among those demanding subtle style and excellent audio. For more details about the ADAPT 400 Series you can learn more here.