Elevate your Microsoft Teams Meeting Room with EPOS CAPTURE 5 intelligent speaker

Automatic transcription and smart voice recognition

Together with your premium Microsoft Teams License and a Microsoft Teams Room Systems (MTR device), the EPOS EXPAND Capture 5 intelligent speaker provides advanced speech recognition to accurately capture transcription and attribution (who said what) of up 10 people in the meeting room, even as they talk over each other.

Voice signatures for each person are secured and private. They can be deactivated or deleted any time by the IT Admin.

EPOS has partnered with Lenovo to offer two bundles, where you can get the MTR system and the Capture 5 through TD SYNNEX. All you need is the premium Microsoft Teams License.

Get the bundles today

Enhance the Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) Experience with the EPOS/Lenovo bundle

Enhance your Microsoft Teams Room with one of our bundles offered through TD SYNNEX.

POS MTR / ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2


* The bundle will require a standard or premium MTR license from Microsoft

EPOS MTR / Lenovo Core MTR Solution


* The bundle will require a standard or premium MTR license from Microsoft

The EXPAND Capture 5 intelligent speaker will compliment your Microsoft Teams Room

  • Connects to any Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) system on Windows including Lenovo, HP, Dell, Logitech, and Crestron
  • Advanced voice recognition: Identifies up to 10 distinct voices in the room and when enabled it transcribes a live feed of the meeting.
  • 7-microphone array: Provides superior audio for those listening, allowing for lifelike conversations.
  • Designed with Cortana in mind: Start meetings and add participants handsfree with Cortana voice assistant for enhanced productivity.
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy: Full voice ID and data control, with voice signatures stored securely in Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

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