EPOS Expands the COMMAND Portfolio with the Adaptable PTT 50 Series

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 14, 2021. EPOS, the premium enterprise and gaming audio brand, is excited to announce the launch of PTT 50 Series - a Push-to-Talk device designed for Air Traffic Control (ATC)/C3 operators. The latest addition to the EPOS COMMAND PTT portfolio offers an ergonomic pistol shaped grip that provides the operator with all-day flexibility and comfort.

Intelligent interface and safety

Air Traffic Control/C3 operators are required to maintain high levels of concentration in pressured environments where background noise is commonplace. In these environments, clear speech, ease of use and adaptability determine successful communication and safe navigation. The PTT 50 Series has been developed to safely deliver voice communications with a customizable PTT 2-button interface. Using thumb and index finger, the ATC/C3 operator can activate and control the microphone, then immediately terminate the connection by releasing it, ensuring no further communication.

Designed for flexible use

Flexibility and ease of use are core design components of the PTT 50 Series, making it an ideal solution for the ATC/C3 market. The ergonomic pistol shaped grip has been developed to create an optimal fit, using sci-entific real-world testing. This has resulted in a solution that provides maximum all-day comfort and personalization. With a double-sided belt clip, a lanyard to wear around the neck, and its compatibility with any EPOS ATC/C3 headset, The PTT 50 Series is a flexible solution that not only caters to individual wearing styles, but diverse formats and situations.

"Being able to provide ATC/C3 operators with the tools they need to safely communicate with is of profound importance to our business at EPOS. We have developed this product in the firm belief that all ATC/C3 operators should have access to quality tools to do their job, especially where safety is the primary concern, and where the stakes are so high." Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, President at EPOS.

Learn more about the EPOS COMMAND PTT 50 Series here.